A Geeky Gal Monthly Recap: January 2019

A Geeky Gal Monthly Recap: January 2019

Welcome to my January 2019 recap! This month’s recap is a little late, but I had to make way for some other blog posts that I wanted to get out! January had one of my biggest posts yet: our wedding with pictures and all the details! This was pretty exciting for me, because it was so very personal and from my heart. With the first second week of February behind us, let’s take a look at the month of January here on A Geeky Gal!

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Forgiving Myself

Forgiving Myself

Can we talk about forgiveness for a second? I don’t mean the kind of forgiveness we seek when someone has done us wrong or when we have a fight with a loved one. I mean the kind that we give to ourselves. I made some resolutions this year concerning my health and even joined a weight loss group on Facebook to keep me going (and then made my own). Unfortunately, it led me to beating myself up over how slow my progress is going and my lack of strength and endurance while working out.

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What Anxiety Is Like

What Anxiety Is Like

Anxiety is like you’re constantly getting closer to the top of a roller coaster,

but you never feel the rush of going down.


Anxiety is like being nervous about a big test or an interview or a speech,

but the feeling never goes away after it’s over.


Anxiety is like having an absolutely normal day with nothing to worry about,

but constantly feeling like something is wrong.


Anxiety is like running through a dark forest to get away from something,

but you never see what is chasing you.


Anxiety is feeling like you forgot something when you have everything,

but you continue to worry.


Anxiety is feeling your stomach drop when you miss a step on a staircase,

but you never regain your footing.


Anxiety is feeling like every hair on the back of your neck is standing up,

but there is nothing around to frighten you.


Anxiety is feeling like everything is always out of your control,

but everything is actually fine.


Anxiety is asking your significant other if they love you, are they sure, for the millionth time,

because you need the reassurance.


Anxiety is asking your friends to confirm plans over and over again,

even though you never doubted them.


Anxiety is knowing you have no reason to feel so anxious,

but you can’t stop feeling that way.


Anxiety is knowing you are falling through the air,

but you’re not sure when you’ll hit the ground.



Monday Musings: Alabama Summers

Monday Musings: Alabama Summers

Alabama Summers

Sometimes when I’m seeking comfort, I’ll think back to when we would spend summers together. After a night full of video games and laughter, we’d sneak onto the front porch at 3 am where you’d light a cigarette and take small tokes while talking about life. Your life. My life. Dreams. Aliens. Nothing was untouchable between the two of us.

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MCFT: Sarah Hawkinson, Bootie Slippers, and Target Work Out Leggings

MCFT: Sarah Hawkinson, Bootie Slippers, and Target Work Out Leggings

It’s been quite a week for me personally. It’s been busy in real life, and I haven’t felt 100%. It’s Friday and I’m feeling just the tiniest bit better so I thought I would hop on here and write a My Current Favorite Things post! MCFT posts are usually 4 or 5 things that I’m loving currently! Here’s 5 things I am loving right now!

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