Even MORE Easy Top 5 (healthier) Braces Friendly Recipes

If you haven’t checked out my blog post featuring my first top five healthier braces friendly recipes, check that out here!

I couldn’t just leave you guys with five recipes! I’m back with five more healthy recipes that are braces friendly, for kids and adults (sometimes I forget I’m an adult… with braces). Get ready to be blown away with how easy these recipes are, not mention how nice they’ll feel on those freshly tightened teeth.

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I’m hungry, but I already brushed my teeth.

4/8/15 – I’m super pleased with today’s tightening session! My bottom tooth finally went on the wire! The orthodontist decided to skip the lacings this session on the bottom. I’m happy about that, mostly because I hope this means my bottom teeth won’t be sore for the next 3 weeks.

As for the top, I got a new coil to make space for my front tooth to come forward (finally). The top also has laces but I expected that as the gaps from where my teeth were pulled haven’t closed up much space. The bottom has closed up quite a bit compared to the top but all four spaces have quite a ways to go before the spaces are closed up and natural looking.

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Look at All This Good Food I Can’t Eat!

3/4/15 – So after my third tightening session, I have decided I absolutely loathe going to the orthodontist. I thought it would get better. I was wrong, wrong, wrong.

First, the very nice dental assistant took out the “lacings.” These little wires (4 of them) are laced around the teeth that need to close the 4 gaping holes in my mouth from the teeth that were pulled. Sounds fun right? I noticed the holes very slowly starting to close already. Apparently this was not fast enough.

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Easy (& Healthy) Braces-Friendly Recipes

While I do love my potato chips, it’s one of the many things you can’t eat after getting your braces tightened. They’re just too hard to eat! If you were like me prior to getting braces, you did a ton of research on things you can and cannot eat during the process of braces and the awful pain that accompanies getting your braces tightened that hinders your ability to eat most things “solid.”

The first two weeks after my first tightening I was bound to a liquid diet. It was horrible. I couldn’t even touch my teeth together. I did the shake thing, the soup thing, the ramen noodle thing, the ice cream/pudding/oatmeal thing. After awhile, you just get tired of that stuff and not all of it is necessarily “healthy” for you and your soon-to-be straight teeth.

I took to the internet to find other recipes I could eat that would fill my stomach and keep my raging gums happy while still being on the healthier side of the food spectrum. Not all of these recipes are exactly healthy but they can be modified for any diet (paleo, no white, etc.). Use your judgement and take your health needs into account when making these for yourself or your kids with braces. All of these recipes can modified as well to be more or less servings! But most of these were make ahead lunches for myself or used for Saturday night dinners for my family.

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Brush you must!

2/4/15 – This is my second tightening session. After my first round, eating anything solid for two weeks was a no-no. My gums were so sore and I couldn’t touch my teeth together without the raging pain of feeling like a million teeth were being broken inside my mouth. I was on a liquid diet for two weeks, which I’ll go over in another post. Today I went in knowing exactly what was going to happen. I had already taken my Tylenol 30 minutes before hand and the nervousness I had felt at the last appointment was gone.

They removed the old wires and put in new ones that are suppose to be “stronger.” (I have no idea what the difference is.) I also got a cool coil that is suppose to help move my teeth along the bottom to make room for a bracket-less tooth. Needless to say I am super excited to see if my teeth move more this month.

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