5 Actions Webtoons that Need an Anime

5 Actions Webtoons that Need an Anime

Webtoons are a big fave here on the blog. They kept me going through the pandemic and have become a part of my nightly routine. I even count them as a part of my weekly reading goal. I saw Annie over at Evening Tea Musings pose the question: what Webtoon stories would work well in anime? We’re seeing Webtoons get live action adaptations like Love Alarm (Netflix), Sweet Home (Netflix), True Beauty (Rakutan Viki), and others! So why not anime too?! Today I am sharing my top 5 action Webtoons that need their own anime. Netflix? Are you getting this?

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Organize Your Life with a Private Discord Server in 5 Steps!

Organize Your Life with a Private Discord Server in 5 Steps!

Y’all. I stumbled across this TikTok that was like “make a private discord server to organize your life” and I had to do a double-triple take. How did I not think of this myself?! I don’t know about you, but my bookmarks, Etsy favorites, Pins, and lists get lost or disappear into the ether. As we speak, I am still looking for something I could have sworn I favorited on Etsy. And how many times has a pin been taken down and the link is lost to you forever? Too many if you ask me! Why is this post so high energy? I’m just excited to pass this on to someone who is as (sometimes) disorganized and as easily distracted as myself. I needed a space to collect all of these links, posts, and word dumps other than a million notes on my iPhone and Google Drive. The answer was this private Discord server brought to you by none other than TikTok.

**As a general warning, Discord is not a safe place to store sensitive or identifying information. Please do not put passwords, addresses, or any other sensitive information in your private Discord server. Use it for fun stuff and brain dumps only!**

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On YouTube: Obscure // Just call me the school vandal! [Part1]

On YouTube: Obscure // Just call me the school vandal! [Part1]

Hey y’all! Today I’m playing Obscure, a 2004 survival horror game where I can control 5 characters as we explore a high school to find our lost friend and uncover clues about the strange occurrences happening on campus! In this episode, after a disturbing turn of events, we begin our search for our missing friend…

Obscure // Just call me the school vandal! [Part1]

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A Geeky Gal Monthly Recap: August 2021

A Geeky Gal Monthly Recap: August 2021

Welcome to my August 2021 recap! I have a new posting schedule, and I have also added a Tik Tok section for any Tik Toks you may want to catch up on. With the first week of September upon us, let’s take a look at the month of August here on A Geeky Gal and meggsngrits on YouTube!


Guess Who’s Back? (mostly)

photo by A Geeky Gal

Hello again readers and fellow bloggers,

I am (mostly) back from my hiatus. I think this is the longest purposeful break I have had from my blog in recent years. While it was never something I wanted to do, it was very much needed. Most of the issues from my hiatus announcement post have been resolved or are at least manageable now.

How to Create a Cute Office Snack Cart


Finally decorated my snack cart! Stickers by MindSpeaks (Etsy) and AGeekGirlsTees (website). #sailormoon #snackcart #animesticker #geekygal

♬ Sailor Moon – Theme – Coded Channel

So why a snack cart you may ask? Well other than just not being able to get enough of the video trend, I found myself stuck in my upstairs home office practically starving from skipping meals! I would get off of work in the afternoon, head downstairs to the kitchen, and inhale anything that I could eat immediately like chips, cookies, etc. That behavior has really wrecked my eating habits and self confidence so I was looking for ways I could give myself easy access to healthy foods and snacks when I can’t get away from my desk for a proper meal. Enter: my Sailor Moon Snack Cart.

On YouTube: What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a 3D Modeler

Hey y’all! Today I’m chatting about things I wish I knew before becoming a 3D Artist. If you aren’t familiar with my journey to becoming a 3D Modeler, you can check out my Hobby to Career video. I am taking things back to when I was first considering a career in Game Art and what I wish I knew before pursuing Game Art and 3D Modeling.

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