Yuna: The Character That Defines A Geeky Gal

Yuna: The Character That Defines A Geeky Gal

Normal Happenings


Animal Crossing is way underrepresented in this collab, so we figured Megan wouldn’t mind us pairing a track from one of the most peaceful locations in video games. After all, she’s gone on record to say that Animal Crossing is one of her favorite video game series, despite writing about a Final Fantasy character.

We’re pairing 8-bit music thematically, rather than based entirely on series. You can find this track and more Tater-Tot Tunes on YouTube! Also, rumor has it the potato itself will be dropping by to read these pieces, so be on your best behavior.


Normal Happenings is proud to present The Characters That Define Us, a year long collaboration of 52+ incredible bloggers! We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, and it’s finally here.

First up, we can think of nobody better suited to start us off than Megan from A Geeky Gal!…

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Spyro the Dragon | The Game That Defines A Geeky Gal

Spyro the Dragon | The Game That Defines A Geeky Gal

Normal Happenings

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The Games That Define Us features carefully chosen music and remixes from the franchise of the game represented. Music is a key component of sharing the emotions one feels about a game, so we hope you will press the play button if you’re in a position to do so. 


We are officially halfway through the month of November, and it’s been an amazing ride! Welcome to Day 15 of The Games That Define Us!

Just a brief summary if this is your first time here: This collaboration is a 34-day long adventure through video games. Each piece is its own unique audiovisual experience, complete with artwork, designs, music, and (most importantly) amazing works of prose by brilliant bloggers around the world. This adventure will take you through nostalgia, joy, ambition, self-discovery, regret, anxiety, frustration, mourning, and every human experience in between. Video games…

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Question of the Month: October 2018 edition

Question of the Month: October 2018 edition

Super excited to see all of your answers this month!

Later Levels

It’s time for a new Question of the Month, one which will see us attempt to answer a quandary that has been puzzling the gaming community since they first realised that eating mushrooms could have unexpected benefits. But first let’s find out who won September’s challenge!

The winner

Last month, Ian from Adventure Rules asked: You’ve been tasked with making the Ultimate Video Game, but there’s a catch – you can only piece it together from parts of other releases. You can choose separate titles for visual design, sound design, storytelling, and gameplay. What four games would you use to make the Ultimate Video Game? He reviewed all the answers submitted in response and here’s his judgement:

“Yikes, talk about a difficult decision! There have been lots of good submissions, and I loved seeing the unique direction that all of the different bloggers considered. Some folks made their

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