VGC Day 4: What game deserves more love?

VGC Day 4: What game deserves more love?

So maybe I need to get off my soap box about Wolf Among Us, but I just can’t. It ranks highly in my “favorite games ever” category. I wrote a review on the gritty game and even gushed about the comics it’s based on. It even made a top 5 list here on the blog. I can hear y’all yelling at me to sit down so I will…

As soon as I give you three reasons why Wolf Among Us deserves more love than we have been giving it.


Number 1: The Detective Work

I have to hand it to Tell Tales games. I have never played a detective quite like Bigby. You can collect evidence, read characters faces, play good cop or bad cop, call someone out on their lies, and draw your own conclusions. You have multiple options to handle conversations and other characters. With the right balance, you can get them to talk to you. Screw up and they’ll shut down, and you will lose your lead.

Number 2: The Story

We get much more than Bigby the Big Bad Wolf trying to turn a new leaf. We get to see the slums of the Fabletown community, their second class citizens. We spend a lot of time with the lower class and get a taste of just how low our favorite Fables have sunk. Much like the comic, the story gets grisly and dirty. Violence, the war ranging on behind the scenes, and a government unable to provide for its citizens will affect the choices you make how much you’re willing to bend the law for characters.

Number 3: The Voice Acting

Can we get some gold stars for casting please? They deserve it! The voice actors were absolutely perfect for their parts. From Bigby’s smokey growl to Magic Mirror’s god-like boom, you’d be hard pressed to find a voice that didn’t match its character. After playing Wolf Among Us and reading the comics after, I couldn’t help but hear their voices in my head as they conversed. Definitely A+ voice acting!

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What game do you think deserves more love? Leave me a comment below!


Saturday Suggestion – Comic: Fables #1-5

Saturday Suggestion – Comic: Fables #1-5


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If you’ve played The Wolf Among Us, you may not have realized it’s actually a prequel to the long-running Fables comic series that was completed in 2015 with several spin-offs. (To read Fables and all of its spin-offs in order, follow this link.) I had been wanting to get my hands on the first issue of Fables for awhile to continue with the characters I’d gotten attached to during The Wolf Among Us, and a trip to the comic book store for some D&D dice gave me the opportunity to snatch it up.

At Christmas, I was given two of the first compilations so look out for those reviews soon!

Brief intro: As a lover of fairy tales and all things Disney, I was excited to dive into this nitty-gritty version of my favorite stories. These characters call themselves “Fables” and live in a New York community known as “Fabletown.” They created this community centuries ago after their homelands were taken over by a villain known simply as The Adversary.

The first story arc is called Legends in Exile and expands from the first issue to the fifth issue. We meet our first two main characters: Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown, and Snow White, the assistant to the Mayor of Fabletown. Bigby begins the investigation of Snow White’s sister’s, Rose Red, apparent murder in a grungy, who-done-it, murder mystery.

Review: Before I even get to the writing, I have to tell y’all about the artwork. It is exquisite! Beautifully done, gritty, different, and it really goes along with the themes that make Fables the comic that it is. Several artists have contributed to the comic over it’s long run but this particular issue has me sold. The colors, the line work, how the text is incorporated into each panel, are simply works of art in themselves.

The writing is just as phenomenal as the artwork that compliments it. Mystery and intrigue with dashes of romance will make this fantasy-drama comic pull you right in and leave you wanting more. Its adult themes and mature writing style set this comic up for a not-so-Disney kind of story. It’s not rated 17+ for nothing!

After playing The Wolf Among Us and getting to know Bigby and Snow by just a fraction, I was eager to know more about them. Legends of Exile give us another peek at Snow White’s life and back story as Bigby shows off his detective skills and shows Snow White (again) why he was made Sheriff of Fabletown. You know you want to root for our favorite reformed villain, and this story arc gives you all the opportunity to do just that.

I literally gobbled up this story in one sitting and wanted to run back to the comic book store for the second book. Fables belongs on your shelf for just the fantastic story, but you’re actually buying it to cure that craving of good, mature, character development and mystery. You will rejoice for these fairy tales that are more aligned with the Grimm Tales that Disney ever was and set in modern day.

Bottom Line: If you wanted Disney to be more up front about the real Grimm Tales’ characters, it’s time to pick up Fables and dive into the grungy world of Fabletown and its inhabitants.

Official Rating: 17+

Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Mature

Geeky Gal’s Score: 5 out of 5 stars!

5FF: Video Games I Love To Play

5FF: Video Games I Love To Play

Kingdom Hearts


I’ve yet to give my favorite game a Saturday Suggestion post but it’s coming. There’s so much story to KH that I know I can’t do it justice with a summary but I will do my best with a lengthy review for each game. I’ve had the privilege to play just about every single one including KHUX on android. The story, characters, and game play always bring me back in with each new release of this series.

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Saturday Suggestion – Game: The Wolf Among Us

Saturday Suggestion – Game: The Wolf Among Us


Telltale has brought another comic to life with The Wolf Among Us, and it is a must-play game. Put this on your list if you haven’t already. (Disclaimer: I have not read the comics, Fables; this review is based solely on the game itself. You do not have to read the comics to play and enjoy this game.)

If you’re down with the dark and gritty version of your favorite fairy tales, this game is up your alley. Characters from Snow White, to Grendel, to even Ichabod Crane are all together in a town hidden right under our “mundy” noses. Take up your place as Bigby Wolf, and be the Sheriff that Fabletown needs in this tense and investigative game.

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