VGC Day 19: What is the last game you played?

VGC Day 19: What is the last game you played?

Every Monday, I get on Steam with a few friends, and we play Divinity: Original Sin 2.


This game is practically brand new to me. I jumped in a single player game for about 2 hours and barely got into any battles. Then I was asked to join a co-op multiplayer play-through with the origin characters for the game. Now my friends have already played the entire game through once before with their own characters. This time they wanted to try it with the origin characters and needed at least 4 people.

Being turn based strategy has been a bit of a challenge for me personally as I forget I’m a rogue and need to get in there, get in hits, and get the F out. If I can’t get out during my turn, I try to find other ways to help the party. Sometimes I forget though and die. I die a lot.

The story has been a little slow paced and sometimes confusing. With all of us discovering our own stories, it can be a little much. The great thing though is we can all “listen in” on each other stories and conversations. The quests have been great and engaging for the most part.

The best parts for me: talking to animals (well, not my character because I didn’t know it was thing until my friend got the ability!), watching enemies slip on ice, Fane “playing dead,” everyone giving me body parts because elves eat flesh, collecting every single painting, and playing as a ruthless and cut-throat Sebille.

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What is the last game you played? Let me know in the comments!