VGC Day 9: What game series will you never play?

VGC Day 9: What game series will you never play?

This may come as a surprise after all my talk yesterday of how much I love horror games. What game series will I never play? It’s not hard to answer… I will never play Resident Evil.


I can hear you gasping loudly from behind your screens. “But, why? RE has this amazing plot and these bad ass characters!” “What about the successful movies? The remakes? It’s an iconic game!” “RE has set the stage for so many great game mechanics! Many games incorporate them now!” These may all be true. In fact, I really enjoyed some of the movies. And I have given a couple of titles in the RE series a try (Code Veronica, RE4) so my opinion is not without basis, though I’ll happily tell you I’m sure some (if not 90%) of my information is probably wrong.

I simply will never play Resident Evil because I don’t like it.

I don’t enjoy shooters. I don’t enjoy the story (the universe has gotten pretty complex). It’s really not scary. It’s full of gore. I don’t enjoy most aspects about this game series that make it what it is.

Not enjoying shooters is definitely just my personality and opinion. There’s plenty of people who absolutely love them and even prefer them. My husband enjoys shooters and has tried to ease me in with the Fallout series. It worked somewhat but I don’t have to constantly shoot shit in Fallout which is nice. I just run from it or let my companion do the work. VATS also helps with my horrible aiming.

Want to get into the story that is Resident Evil? Good luck. That virus mutates so many times it’s not funny anymore. And then there’s some new virus (or something?) in the other games! How can I enjoy this series when I can’t keep up with its complicated and twisted universe? It gives me a headache just trying to figure it out. Is there an ELI5 (Explain Like I’m 5) for the RE universe?

And I thought horror games were supposed to be scary. The occasional jump scare does not do it for me. Gross looking enemies do not scare me. Heads being blow off do not scare me. Running from zombies/mutants/whatever does not scare me. Give me some of that good psychological, keep-you-up-at-night, horror!

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What game series will you never play? Let me know in the comments!