Spoilers! 5 Long Distance Date Ideas

Spoilers! 5 Long Distance Date Ideas

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about how Alec and I were in a long distance relationship here on the blog. I’ve dedicated an entire post on our immigration journey (soon to be continued), but the actual long distance part of our relationship is more of a foot note when it is addressed in my writing. Now obviously this was quite some time ago now since we married in October of 2017, but there’s still so many people in long distance relationships whether that’s another country, another state, or if it’s in the middle of a pandemic and you can’t self-isolate together. Alec and I were friends before we were in a serious relationship so we had a lot of late nights/early mornings spent together online. Using my experience from those years of being so far away from my best friend, I want to suggest my five favorite long distance date ideas that you can try no matter the situation you may find yourself in.

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A Geeky Gal’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Post Roundup

A Geeky Gal’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Post Roundup

Over the years, I have written many a blog post on romance and love centered around my love of geeky things. While they weren’t always posted in the month of February, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to shine a light on these posts, especially if you’re looking for V-Day ideas, games to play, and more. I’ve split these posts into some interesting categories for you to easily find what you might want to check out: from anime, to games (even horror games), to personal stories from yours truly… I hope to hit all the check boxes for you during the month of love.

Sexy & Scary Games

Gaming After Dark: Negligee (18+) (2020)

Negligee is a sexy Yuri (female to female relationship) visual novel with female characters created by indie creator Dharker Studio. Your choices will affect the game and the eleven possible endings, giving this game the advantage of multiple playthroughs. This particular review is for the uncensored version of the game. Negligee does contain nudity, characters in different states of undress, and sexual language.

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My Waifus for Laifu

My Waifus for Laifu

A recent webtoon comic called My Giant Nerd Boyfriend sparked the inspiration behind this post just in time for the upcoming holiday. That holiday is, of course, Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, I thought I’d share five my current top five waifu’s from anime (and maybe a video game…). The 5 women on this list are all strong with a heart of gold. I definitely have a type if you can’t tell.

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5 Budget-Friendly Geeky Valentine’s Date Ideas

I’m always looking for low-key/inexpensive date ideas but never could find any that were actually geek-themed besides taking a trip to Orlando (looking at you Disney World and Wizarding World of HP). I decided I’d come up with my own date ideas that my boyfriend and I would enjoy!  The only requirements were: Can it be within an hour of home? How can I make it geeky? Can it be cheap? Here’s the ideas I’ve gathered! Add yours in the comments below!

Netflix & Chill Date: Superhero Style


Fire up Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime and settle in for a super hero marathon. For Marvel try: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Agents of SHIELD. For DC try: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Gotham. For unconventional heroes try: Heroes, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sherlock.

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