Spoilers! What’s Next?

Spoilers! What’s Next?

Usually, today you would be reading a full length post, but due to life and adulting, I’m just not prepared today! Instead of a normal post on this Wednesday, I thought I would just let you all know what’s in store for the rest of the month of March for the blog as well as my new YouTube channel.


The Blog

What you can expect: Top Ten Fitness Geeks

I’m finally writing up another Top Ten Geeks post! This one has been in the works for awhile but so many bloggers have given up on their blogs, Instagram, etc. that I’ve had to do research to find more geeks that are into fitness! As soon as I get that sorted out, I’ll be releasing that post for all you health and fitness geeks out there. In the meantime, drop some of your favorite fitness geeks in the comments for me!

What you can expect: Spoilers! We Went to Disney!

For our honeymoon in January, Alec and I went to Disney World! Now, most of what I captured is on video (see below about what I am doing with the clips!), but I have plenty of photos that I plan to share in a blog post here about our experiences: where we stayed, what we ate, and what we did during our week at Disney.

What you can expect: Saturday Suggestions

I have several Saturday Suggestion posts that I have yet to finish including a couple of books, some video games, and a card game. I can’t decide which one I want to post this month. Do you have one you’d prefer over the others? Let me know in the comments!



What you can expect: Geeks Doing Geeky Things

I’ve hinted at doing interviews for awhile and am so excited that I decided to wait until I got my YouTube channel set up! Don’t get me wrong; written interviews are great! But there’s just something about being in person that makes it feel more special. My very first interview is slotted for this Friday. It will be accompanied by a blog post as well!

What you can expect: DisneyMoon 2019

For our honeymoon in January, (see above) Alec and I went to Disney World! It was an amazing experience and I was able to capture a lot of our excitement on video. I am currently compiling it into a cute video for YouTube!

Readers! Please drop your favorite fitness geeks in the comments below, let me know what Saturday Suggestion you’d like to see the most, and lastly, let me know how you feel about a bi-weekly vs. monthly YouTube upload schedule!


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