5FF: Fandoms I’m Thankful For

5FF: Fandoms I’m Thankful For

If you’re participating in The Nerdy Girlie’s 5 Fandom Friday, you may have noticed a few of us have made some DLC’s to complement the already lengthy blog prompt list courtesy of The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. You can check out my first DLC for 5 Fandom Friday: the GG Pack (the Geeky Gal Pack)!

Thanksgiving is next week, and this prompt couldn’t be more relevant. Going back almost a year ago is one of my first 5FF posts: Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am. This post will hit on this a little bit, but much has changed in a year so get ready for some new fandoms I’m thankful for!

Harry Potter


The series is over and I’m still obsessed. Halloween? HP marathon. Christmas? HP marathon. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the books anymore as I’m reading them again!

Doctor Who


I’m not totally caught up yet but I am so excited to see the new Doctor and all of her glory. The Doctor got me through a bad break up and became my favorite hero.

Stranger Things


The newest fandom to join my list but also a goodie. Anyone else fall hard for these characters and the 80’s aesthetic?



One of the things that brought my hubby and I together: the mouse. We are so excited to see Disney World on our honeymoon next year.

Star Wars


Star Wars was a late fandom favorite for me but for the past three birthdays of mine, I’ve made my way to the theater for Star Wars.

What fandoms are you thankful for?


MCFT: Netflix Binge-Watching Worthy Snacks

MCFT: Netflix Binge-Watching Worthy Snacks

The best way to relax for me is to binge-watch Netflix & Amazon Prime. With the holidays over, you will find me on the couch under a cozy blanket cuddling with my long-haired chihuahua, Padme, with drinks and snacks watching a Netflix marathon. I’ve given in to all the modern show crazes, including some guilty pleasures. Here’s some binge-worthy snacks to eat while watching some of my latest favorite shows.

Stranger Things


Eggo Waffles – If you hopped on the Stranger Things bandwagon, you know much much Eleven loves Eggo Waffles. Pair the waffles with bacon and syrup!

Fries – One of the first foods we see El gobble up. Load up your fries with chili, cheese, bacon, or whatever combo you like!

Ice Cream – El ate some ice cream at Benny’s restaurant after the burger and fries. What’s your favorite flavor?

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