VGC Day 16: What open-world game gave you that “woah” feeling?

VGC Day 16: What open-world game gave you that “woah” feeling?

I tend to be a #patientgamer, but there was one game I was definitely not going to wait for. After much hype and some money saved up, I ran out to my nearest GameStop to purchase Skyrim for the PS3 as soon as it hit the shelves.


The first time I was dumped into that horse drawn wagon in Skyrim and sentenced to beheading, I was pretty excited. I made my character, watched everyone run from the dragon, but it was only after the tutorial that I realized how insanely vast Skyrim was. Just look at those graphics, I said to myself. I had a newfound appreciation for models as well since I was in college for 3D modeling/game art and Skyrim seemed to scratch that artist itch for me.

I easily spent the better part of 5 hours just exploring. And I can say that here recently I finished the main story line on PS4, but honestly, the world is so amazing and beautiful that I just kept exploring places and talking to people (hello to the numerous misc quests). Skyrim is also the only game I have bought 3 times. PS3, PS4, and recently PC. If you love open worlds, fantasy, and RPG’s, Skyrim will give you that “woah” feeling on your first play through.

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What open-world game gave you that “woah” feeling? Would you like to see a Saturday Suggestion post on Skyrim? Let me know in the comments!

5FF: Video Games I Love To Play

5FF: Video Games I Love To Play

Kingdom Hearts


I’ve yet to give my favorite game a Saturday Suggestion post but it’s coming. There’s so much story to KH that I know I can’t do it justice with a summary but I will do my best with a lengthy review for each game. I’ve had the privilege to play just about every single one including KHUX on android. The story, characters, and game play always bring me back in with each new release of this series.

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