Monday Musings: Snob

Monday Musings: Snob


Walk with your nose in the air

hips swaying to your imaginary

song you swear is there.


You have smile that’s painted

but I can see the creases in your

forehead that can’t be erased.


I wonder if I cut you open

if I’d find another world

or if it’d be like cutting paper.


Dye your hair the latest trend,

cake on your fake face,

slide the plastic over the counter,

and pretend to wait.


Monday Musings: Wait

Monday Musings: Wait


Buried and suffocating beneath all your old belongings,

hidden under discarded cards and abandoned teddy bears,

I really feel forgotten.


I miss the days when you held me closest to your chest,

cuddling me to your heart as the night came and left;

I was the favorite.


I lie in wait and hope for your arrival,

just a hint of your coat tail as you slip past,

maybe just your long shadow lying against me,

or even a small wisp of hair, and I would be thankful.


And so I wait for you to notice me as I lay at the bottom

of the discarded cards and abandoned teddy bears.


Monday Musings: I Breathe

Monday Musings: I Breathe
I Breathe

My heart does this thing.

It skips a beat.

It pitter-patters.

Nothing matters

Except you.


Your smile warms me down to my toes.

I think everyone knows.

But I won’t say a word to them about it.

It’s our secret.

A secret the whole world knows.


They know you hold my hand,

bring me gifts,

kiss my nose,

hug me close.


They know it’s you I love,

I want,

I need,

I breathe.


Monday Musings: Whole.

Monday Musings: Whole.


I want to laugh.

I want to cry.

And sometimes,

I don’t even know why.


You make me feel so alive

but at the same time,

so dead inside.


What did I do to

deserve this pain?


I gave you what

I could but nothing

will change.


I can’t keep swallowing

these shards of broken

glass you hand me to

ease the pain.


I can’t keep handing

over the pieces of

my heart for you to

break all over again.


When will you sew the

pieces back together

and keep my heart

safe and warm?


When will you see how

much this pain is bearing

down on me and lift

away this burden?


Will I ever be whole again?