Monday Musings: In the Shower

Monday Musings: In the Shower

In the Shower

I felt like the water wasn’t hot enough


To wash me away…


To wash away the memories

The dirt and grime

The tears in my eyes


I felt like I couldn’t scrub hard enough


To wash it down the drain…


To wash away the pain

The lies you told

The feeling of being cold


I felt like I couldn’t stand there long enough


To wash him off me…


To wash away everything

The feelings I have

The love we once had


I felt like I couldn’t get dry enough


To wash away the tears…


To wash away the time

The days I spent with him

The weeks we had spent


I felt like I couldn’t sleep enough


To dream away my reality…


To fall inside of myself

The memories of happiness

The ghost of our last kiss


I felt like I couldn’t bleed enough


To cut you away from me…


To bleed you out

The numbness

The coldness


I felt like I couldn’t breathe


To breathe meant defeat…


To breathe meant you’re gone

The wholeness

The happiness