Monday Musings: Alabama Summers

Monday Musings: Alabama Summers

Alabama Summers

Sometimes when I’m seeking comfort, I’ll think back to when we would spend summers together. After a night full of video games and laughter, we’d sneak onto the front porch at 3 am where you’d light a cigarette and take small tokes while talking about life. Your life. My life. Dreams. Aliens. Nothing was untouchable between the two of us.

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Monday Musings: Snob

Monday Musings: Snob


Walk with your nose in the air

hips swaying to your imaginary

song you swear is there.


You have smile that’s painted

but I can see the creases in your

forehead that can’t be erased.


I wonder if I cut you open

if I’d find another world

or if it’d be like cutting paper.


Dye your hair the latest trend,

cake on your fake face,

slide the plastic over the counter,

and pretend to wait.