VGC Day 7: Who or what was the most annoying character?

VGC Day 7: Who or what was the most annoying character?

I bet your answer to this question is a companion who died often, got in your way, or was just completely useless. Or maybe it’s a boss that you had to fight so many times you finally threw down your controller and quit the game. Both of these would be an excellent answer to who or what is the most annoying character. Yet, I did not pick either of those.


If you played Heavy Rain, you came in contact with Jason Mars at the very beginning of the game. He is the son of the first character you play as, Ethan Mars. The beginning of the game is spent just getting used to the controls. You (as Ethan) get to walk around the house and interact with all kinds of things from shaving Ethan’s face to playing with his kids.


Enter: Jason Mars. This kid is already on my nerves, and we just met. I want to punch him in his little face. Does it really have to be his birthday? He’s whiny and a little asshole. An ungrateful little asshole. Can you actually hate a little kid this much?

So Ethan takes his wife and kids on a little trip to the mall. Should be fun. right? Spoiler: IT’S NOT. Ethan’s wife and other son, Shawn, duck out, and he’s left alone with Jason. Jason is an asshole as I have stated above. He wants this; he wants that. He runs away from his dad. Then to top it all off, Ethan (you) spends several minutes calling Jason’s name inside the crowded shopping mall. If I have to hear Ethan say JASON! one more time, I will jump off a cliff.

Jason Mars is the most annoying character I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

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Who or what was the most annoying character to you? Would you like to see a Saturday Suggestion post on Heavy Rain? Let me know in the comments!