Sunshine Blogger Award (+ tags)

Sunshine Blogger Award (+ tags)

Special thank you to Suzi at My Colourful Life! She nominated me last week for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Suzi is a fantastic writer for her lifestyle blog that has a little bit of everything for everyone. You should head over and check her out! Thanks again for the nomination Suzi! On to the questions…


The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


Where is the best place you have visited? Hands down, it has to be Ireland. It was my first time on an airplane and my first time outside of the US. It was two beautiful weeks of firsts for me while I was visiting my then long distance boyfriend. We stayed in a cute little hotel in Dublin for part of my visit and toured Dublin. His uncle took us all over in his car to sight see and take photos in the republic of Ireland. I got engaged to my now wonderful husband at A. CASTLE. Talk about a dream proposal. Maybe I’m still looking at my trip with nostalgia glasses but the country truly is beautiful, and I can’t wait to go back in August 2020.

If you could re-live any age, what age would you pick and why? That’s a good question, but I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer. I love my life right now. A lot of my past was painful and aren’t full of moments I necessarily want to relive. I think in 10 years, this will be the time in my life that I want to relive.

What was your favourite subject in school? English!  I really enjoyed writing and researching for book reports. I know it’s not something everyone enjoy, but I really liked being able to be creative and home my skills as a writer.

If you had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of your life what would it be? High-waisted black skinny jeans, anime tee, and converse.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to younger you? The best thing I could tell my younger self would be “you are worth so much more.” There were more time than I can count that I forgot my worth, and I will never forget my worth now.

What is your favourite colour? Black!

What pets have you had? I had a few pets when I was little, but now I have Padme, the best long haired chihuahua ever. She has quite the attitude and personality. I wouldn’t trade her for anything; she’s my best friend.

How would you spend a perfect summer day? The perfect summer day would be about 80 degrees with a light breeze. Alec and I would take Padme on a lake picnic that included a bit of a walk or hike to a beautiful, secluded location with the perfect spot to dip in for a swim. After swimming and playing, we’d spread out our towels and have cold lemonade, chicken salad sandwiches and chips for lunch and ice-cream for dessert.

What is your favourite film? I have so many! My favorite film when I was little was Balto. Right now, I like to re-watch Zootopia and Sing! to put myself in a happy mood.

Do you have a skincare routine?  What are your favourite products? Yes! I like to use the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes to remove all of my makeup. Next, I clean my face with a gentle facial cleanser from Cerave. Then, I use Thayers alcohol-free toner (fave!) all over my face and neck. Finally, before I apply my Cerave moisturizer, I use an off brand spot treatment on any pimples that might have popped up.

Would you take part in my “Saturday Shout Out“? (Sorry, shameless self-promotion there) Sure!

My Questions:

  • What song do you think makes people remember you?
  • What character would you choose to be your best friend?
  • What book do you need to read/game you need to play/show you need to watch still?
  • Have you smashed any personal goals recently?
  • If someone wanted to understand you, what should they read, watch, and play?
  • List your favorite fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.
  • What are three things that you are enjoying right now?
  • What is your favorite YouTube channel?
  • List three of your favorite songs right now.
  • What are some ways you practice self care that others might consider different or weird?
  • What is the hardest part about blogging?

My Nominations:

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Monday Musings: Alabama Summers

Monday Musings: Alabama Summers

Alabama Summers

Sometimes when I’m seeking comfort, I’ll think back to when we would spend summers together. After a night full of video games and laughter, we’d sneak onto the front porch at 3 am where you’d light a cigarette and take small tokes while talking about life. Your life. My life. Dreams. Aliens. Nothing was untouchable between the two of us.

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Stay-cation Essentials for Introverts

Stay-cation Essentials for Introverts

I will be the first to admit that I forget to take care of my mental health. I go, go, go until I’m all out of energy and have none left to give which is a big no-no for introverts like me. Self love and self care need to become a part of my routine. It’s all about taking time to rest, relax, and recharge. Sometimes that means saying goodbye to friends and family as you shut the door to your home and become unavailable for a weekend.

Say hello to my introverted, geeky stay-cation. Once a month, I will be going on my mini vacation at home for my mental health. It’s a little something for my husband and me to spend time together, but it’s also for me to recharge. Here’s a sample of all the things we have planned and how you can do it too!

Spa Time


I’m a lucky girl thanks to my husband in so many ways. For my birthday he got me several handmade bath bombs. I’ve only been able to use one since January. I’m looking forward to trying them all out now! This is a great time to decompress and just be by yourself. Light some candles and shut the door. This is for you.

bath bombs // bath pillow or rolled yoga mat // relaxing playlist // favorite book or comic

Movie Night


Whether it’s an episode of Black Mirror, several episodes of Law & Order: SVU or the latest Marvel/Disney movie, Alec and I always wind up on the couch watching something right after work. It’s one of the ways we decompress after a long work day. What better way to relax on a stay-cation than to plan a movie night complete with all the fixings and the environment of home where you can take off your shoes and pants!

movie // blankets // popcorn // candy // soda // pizza // pajamas

Plan Meals and Cook


We don’t eat out that often, and it’s a great way for us to save a little money. Plus I usually enjoy cooking. I say usually because I’m a lazy cook. As I’m on a weight loss journey, I try to find recipe blogs that are healthy, low calorie, and easy. These all fit the bill. But when you’re on a stay-cation, you can take the time to cook with your SO and make it fun! Why not try making your own pizzas from scratch or yummy Chinese “take-out?” Grab your grill and make some kebabs or hobo dinners on the grill. Make it match your movie night or create a theme night! Whatever you’ve been craving, find a recipe and make it!

slow cooker // griddle // cookbook

Take Photos


We take pictures on vacation so why not on a stay-cation? Your home can be just as insta worthy as the beach or a hotel. Some cool photo opportunities might be:

  • bath bomb video
  • bath tub filled with bubbles and surrounded with candles
  • flat lay of your book, bath bombs, and candles
  • screenshot your relaxing playlist
  • flat lay of your pajamas, the movie, and some treats
  • selfie in your pajamas under the blankets with a tub of popcorn between you and your SO
  • the title of the movie as it comes on the screen
  • long table shot of all the goodies you’re partaking in
  • photos of each other cooking in the kitchen
  • shots of the meal being prepared
  • flat lay of the meal
  • selfies of your silly faces before digging in
  • and whatever else you can think of!

hands free shutter control // HD camera lens kit // phone tripod

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