5 Freaky Faves: Webtoons

5 Freaky Faves: Webtoons

Just like last year for the month of October, I am pulling away from my regular 5 Fandom Friday and Saturday Suggestion posts. Every Friday for the month of October I will be presenting my 5 Freaky Faves in honor of Halloween! This week’s 5 Freaky Faves are 5 Webtoons you should give a read if you love the paranormal, zombies, and creepy with a healthy dose of comedy and romance!

Boyfriend of the Dead

boyfriend of the dead

She’s a smart, independent young woman who’s kicking ass and struggling to make her way through the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Just her luck: one day she goes out searching for food and shelter and ends up finding a boyfriend instead. And, oh yeah, because modern love isn’t hard enough…he’s UNDEAD! — WEBTOON

  • Comedy
  • No Fast Pass
  • Updates Every Tuesday & Friday
  • Perfect for horror fiends who love zombies, romance, and food.

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