How to Go to Bed After Playing a Horror Game

How to Go to Bed After Playing a Horror Game

With Halloween at an end, I though it’d be a great time to take part in one of Normal Happenings’ Daily Inklings! I’m spinning the prompt just a bit… What do I do after playing a horror game to calm down? I’m going to share my tips and tricks with you on how I chill out after playing some of my favorite horror games! Here’s 7 steps to help you decompress after playing a scary game.

Drink A Cup of Tea


I totally blame my husband for this one. Drinking a hot cup of tea wasn’t something I did until a couple of years ago when he was visiting from Ireland. He made me a hot cup of tea, and since then it has become something I turn to when I’m in need of comfort. Tea not really your thing? Hot chocolate can do the trick.

Play The Sims


The Sims can be a great distraction. The mundane tasks of making sure your Sim eats, sleeps, and goes to work can be enough to calm your racing mind and heart. Creating a new Sim, picking out a house and decorating it is also a great distraction. Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley are great alternatives if you don’t have the Sims.

Look at GIFs of Cute Animals


My husband and I do this all the time, especially if we’re feeling a little down. Cute animals can be the answer to shutting down your fear as well. Hit up your favorite subreddit or look around on Pinterest or Imgur for pictures and GIFs of cute animals doing cute things. It’s easy, and you’ll feel so much better.

Watch a Disney or Pixar Movie


This is a tried and true method of mine for literally all aspects of my life. If I’m feeling some negative emotions, I turn on a good Disney or Pixar film that’s sure to lift my spirits. Netflix has Coco and Moana right now! Both are excellent feel-good films that are sure to calm your nerves after a night of playing a horror game.

Watch HGTV, Mr. Kate, or The Sorry Girls


Does anyone else find home improvement or decorating shows to be oddly soothing? I know it’s not just me… Right? Anyway, HGTV on Netflix or Hulu can be another great distraction if you can’t bring yourself to play a calming game. Mr. Kate and The Sorry Girls on YouTube do a great job of scratching that same itch!

Leave a Light On


Find yourself uncomfortable in the dark after that particular scary cut scene? There’s nothing wrong with leaving on a night light or a lamp when you crawl into bed. Once you’re feeling sleepy enough, you can turn off the light or leave it on if you are able to sleep with lights on.

Cuddle Your Pet


If you have a pet, they are the perfect cuddle buddy to hold while you recover from a horror game. Give your pet some attention, and let them calm you down. My sweet Padme (above) is the perfect snuggle bug after a scary encounter in a game. You and your pet could benefit from this tip!

What tips and tricks do you have on how to go to bed after playing a horror game? Tell me in the comments!


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5 Freaky Faves: Scary Shows

5 Freaky Faves: Scary Shows

For the month of October, I am pulling away from my regular 5 Fandom Friday and Saturday Suggestion posts. Every Friday for the month of October I will be presenting my 5 Freaky Faves in honor of Halloween! This week’s 5 Freaky Faves are my favorite binge-worthy scary TV shows!

The Haunting of Hill House


By far my favorite show on Netflix this month has been The Haunting of Hill House. It’s moody, full of horror aesthetic, and beautiful cinematography that takes you between the past and present. It’s been years since I have been this frightened of a TV show. My husband and I just love it. We binged the first five episodes on our one year anniversary on a whim, and we don’t regret a single minute of it. Even when we had to turn every light on in the house just to get into bed after an episode…

Bates Motel


Bates Motel takes it’s creepy cues from the movie it was based on and spins a modern prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho tale. Freddie Highmore is in one of his best roles as Norman Bates with Vera Farmiga as his mother Norma. The two have mad chemistry in this chilling psychological horror Netflix drama.

American Horror Story


You knew American Horror Story would make this list. If you haven’t watching any of the seasons already, this is the time to do it! The first season, affectionately called Murder House by fans, would be a great start to your Halloween week. Try it; you may find yourself binging up to the latest season Netflix has to offer.

Scream: The TV Series


As a fan of campy horror, I was excited to give this Scream TV series a shot and I have zero regrets. It’s full of that campy horror nostalgia while still being set in present day. While still very much a slasher horror series, the stories are great for those that miss those good old slasher flick days. With two seasons up on Netflix, Scream is perfect to binge this spooky holiday season.

Black Mirror


Another favorite scary show of mine is Black Mirror. Unfortunately, I find it hard to binge because it leaves me so emotionally drained at the end of most episodes. Haunting and scary may not be what some people would use to describe Black Mirror, but that’s exactly what it is. Incredible stories that last for a single episode will enthrall you, make your heart race, fill your eyes with tears, and leave your knuckles white as you hang on for the wild ride called Black Mirror on Netflix.

What binge-worthy scary TV shows do you like to watch during the month of October? Tell me in the comments!


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My 5 Favorite Scary Movies that I’ll be Watching in 2017

My 5 Favorite Scary Movies that I’ll be Watching in 2017

The Babadook


I always highly recommend this thriller to anyone who tells me they love scary movies. It’s intense and scary enough that you’ll have a hard time going down to the basement to do laundry the next day (not that I would know anything about that). It’s currently still on Netflix.

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Spoilers! 5 Ways To Win This Geek’s Heart

Spoilers! 5 Ways To Win This Geek’s Heart

I wanted to do something fun for a Spoilers! post like back when I did the 20 facts about myself. Do you enjoy these little posts about me? I consider them a look “behind the curtain.” It’s a way to add a little more “me” between my geeky posts. So how do you win my geeky little heart?

Watch a Disney movie with me

Photo by Travis Gergen on Unsplash

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