Top 10 Things Getting Me Through the Pandemic

Top 10 Things Getting Me Through the Pandemic

I can’t believe it’s been over 6 months since I started working from home and self isolating. So much has happened in those six months like getting a big job promotion and my husband and I buying our first home, and yet I’m still only leaving the house for necessities and the very rare special occasion restaurant meal. My mental health has rode the waves (and roller-coasters), ebbed and flowed during the past six months.

Lately, my mental health has been pretty crap, and it makes sense as my entire every day routine was ripped away: we had a house guest for longer than planned, most of my means of escape were eventually packed away, the entire home buying process was stressful… I could go on, but I won’t. Let’s move on to the entire purpose of this post: things that have actually been getting me through the past 6 months of self isolation, working from home, and the daily stresses that come with the ongoing pandemic.

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6 Ways I’m Coping with Self Isolation

6 Ways I’m Coping with Self Isolation

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Most, if not all, of our lives have been turned upside down the past few weeks. I will be honest with y’all: I haven’t been dealing with the lock down all that well. It’s been a difficult three weeks, as I’m sure it has been for everyone else. I’ve been avoiding talking about the COVID19 pandemic, the lock down, and working from home on the blog. I’ve scattered a few thoughts in some recent YouTube videos, but I haven’t really sat with all of these changes and dealt with where my head and heart are until the weekend of April 4-5th.

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When Escapism Isn’t a Good Thing: 8 Ways to Make Escapism Healthy

When Escapism Isn’t a Good Thing: 8 Ways to Make Escapism Healthy

I want to begin by saying escapism itself isn’t unhealthy. It’s actually completely normal, and we all do it. It helps us from burning out more quickly than we would without it. It allows us to come back to an initially overwhelming problem with a better attitude about it. Escapism can allow us to reconnect with ourselves and things we care about as well like games, comics, and TV shows.

So when does escapism become a “bad” thing? If you find yourself ignoring or avoiding issues in your life, then you are on teetering on the edge of escapism becoming unhealthy. You are using your hobbies,  interests, and creative outlets as a way to not deal with whatever issues are going on in your life in that moment. Escapism is meant to be temporary. When is becomes a constant part of your life, escapism is no longer considered an escape.

Last year, I was inspired by Erin from Girly Geek Blog’s article on denial to write about my experience with escapism and how it isn’t always good for our mental health. People use escapism every day though books, music, television, games, comics, fandoms, etc. to distract ourselves from the stress and hardships of every day life. It’s a way to relax after a long day. It’s a way to escape into something else for just a little while. The real trick is how to come back after escaping for so long.

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Spoilers! Mental Health Update

Spoilers! Mental Health Update

It’s been a rough couple of months, my friends.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with depression. I shouldn’t have found it as shocking as I did, but here we are. After uncovering my stuck points and working on my triggers, I have found depression lurking under the surface of my PTSD and anxiety. I am back in therapy full time to tackle these new obstacles, and, I’m not going lie, I am struggling.

Depression and anxiety have been weighing me down. October was an anniversary of trauma but also the anniversary of the best day of my life. I’ve felt pulled in different directions. I’ve questioned myself, my career, my friendships/relationships, and my social media presence. I have struggled with trying to find what is right for me while also trying to discern actual unhappiness and fulfillment from my depression and anxiety. So far, I haven’t been successful.


I want to focus on what I haven’t questioned, too, though. I have never questioned my marriage. I have never questioned going to the gym. I have never questioned going to therapy. I have never questioned my blog or YouTube channel. Those things genuinely make me happy every day. I wish I had more time to give the attention to the things that make me happy.

I’m going to be focusing more on myself, more so than I have ever before. I’m making this an accountability post of sorts. From now on, I’m going to eat better without obsessing over the number on the scale. My goal is to be stronger. I’m going to do things that make me happy. I’m going to find fulfillment in hobbies that aren’t my career. I’m going to make peace with my path changing and my journey taking a route I’m not familiar with. I’m going to focus on my mental health so I can be my best self for me and my husband. I’m going to make time to spend with him and our dog.

October is behind me. November has better things coming my way. I’m putting it into the universe and manifesting the rest of 2019 to be better. 

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Leveling Up Adult Friendships

Leveling Up Adult Friendships

Why is it so hard to make close friends when you become an adult? When you’re a kid you can just walk to up anyone and ask to be friends. BOOM! Now you got yourself a best friend. Something changes between those young school years and after college. You don’t see those same people every day anymore, and suddenly, you don’t know how to make close friends outside of school.

I realized after I ended a toxic 5-year relationship that my friend circle had shrunk. The couple of friends that I managed to keep during that tumultuous time helped me get my life back together. While I loved and appreciated their support, it made me see how many friends I had lost contact with. I felt ashamed about a lot of things in my life during that time and couldn’t bring myself to reach out to them.

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