6 Ways to Deal with Disney Depression

6 Ways to Deal with Disney Depression

Note: “Disney Depression” is not the same as clinical depression. This post is not meant to diminish real depression in any way.

With the world in the midst of a pandemic, vacations and trips have been cancelled while most of us self isolate in our homes. Like most people, my partner and I had to cancel all of our travel plans for 2020. While we have some hope that 2021 may present a safe opportunity to travel at some point, that time is far in the future as of the writing of this post. After honeymooning at Disney in 2019, we had hoped to re-create that experience in 2020. Obviously it wasn’t possible once the virus took hold.

We’ve been feeling pretty down about not being able to go back to Disney World to be perfectly honest. I know it seems silly considering how much has happened this year, politically and otherwise, but I strongly feel that the disappointment in unfulfilled plans is valid. Most of our lives have stopped moving forward. Most of us are confined to our homes, working in a makeshift office, and only leaving the house for appointments and grocery shopping. It’s completely normal to mourn what “should have been.” In an effort to combat this Disney Depression, a term coined for the feelings you get leaving the most magical place on earth and the time between before you are there again, I came up with 6 different ways to deal with the Disney blues.

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5FF: What I’ve been loving on Disney+

5FF: What I’ve been loving on Disney+

Sartorial Geek recently partnered up with The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick to bring back 5 Fandom Friday! You can see all the prompts for 2020 here! If you’re participating in The Nerdy Girlie’s 5 Fandom Friday, you may have noticed a few of us have made some DLC’s (downloadable content) to complement the already lengthy blog prompt list courtesy of The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. You can check out my first DLC for 5 Fandom Friday at the GG Pack (the Geeky Gal Pack) and my second DLC here at  GG2 Pack!

Disney+ has been out for a minute now, so I thought it would be a good time to talk about some of the content I’ve been enjoying so far. I still think Disney+ can use some improvements overall as I expected a product that mimicked Hulu and Netflix. I will say though that I am glad we have a great selection of old and new Disney movies and shows so that I can catch up or just relish in the nostalgia of my childhood if I want to. Overall, it’s a great subscription service if you love Disney. Let’s get to what I’ve been watching on Disney+.

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On YouTube: Disney Honeymoon // January 2019

On YouTube: Disney Honeymoon // January 2019

Back in January, Alec and I went on our honeymoon to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We made a one day trip to Harry Potter World as well! It was an amazing experience. We can’t wait to go back! I wrote all about it here.

Today I’m sharing our honeymoon with all of you through video! I had the bright idea to take loads of clips instead of pictures to put together for a video for Alec and me. After we got home and started sorting through all of the pictures and video, I knew I wanted to share it with everyone. I hope you enjoy this slice-of-life DisneyMoon compilation.

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Saturday Suggestion – Game: Kingdom Hearts Series

Saturday Suggestion – Game: Kingdom Hearts Series

An action RPG has done the impossible: marrying Disney and Final Fantasy. Being a huge Disney fan, and just getting my feet wet with Final Fantasy, I was super interested in picking up this game. The tale of Kingdom Hearts is a wholesome one, though a bit complicated. Simply put, it’s the “story of Light overcoming Darkness with the power of Friendship.” — A Geeky Gal (Video Game Challenge Day 28)


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MCFT: Couple’s Disney Tees

MCFT: Couple’s Disney Tees

It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote a ‘My Current Favorite Things’ post! I am slowly bringing it back with my new Top Ten category. There’s Top Ten Geeky Food Blogs and now Top Ten Geeky Fashion Blogs. MCFT’s original format is usually 4 or 5 things that I’m loving this week, which is what you’re getting today!

With our wedding around the corner, Alec and I are hard at work planning a Disney Honeymoon or Disneymoon for next year. One of my goals is to wear super cute “matching” Disney inspired t-shirts! I love t-shirts, and they should offer plenty of coverage in the Florida sun while keeping us cool. Here’s a few of my favorites on Etsy!


Happily Ever After Crew & Tank // $25.25+


Favorite Place Favorite Person Disney Couples Shirt // $24.15


The ORIGINAL Partner Sandwiches Tees // $50 (for both)


Disney Bride and Groom Shirt Set // $32.99 (for both)


Hubby Wifey Disney Inspired Shirts // $25+