A Geeky Gal is Now on Patreon!

A Geeky Gal is Now on Patreon!

I am excited to announce that A Geeky Gal is now on Patreon! If you read my 2020 resolutions, then you already spied my plan to create and launch a Patreon for my blog and YouTube channel this year. After several months of creating tiers, choosing rewards, and crafting a page that really speaks to my goals and mission, it’s finally ready!

My blog has grown over the years, and you have expectations when it comes to the quality content that I lovingly produce like the yearly themed 30 Day Challenges and the new, in-depth Mental Health in the Geek Community series. Recently, I have even expanded to YouTube as Megan Marie where geeky look books, geek fashion, hauls, vlogs, and Let’s Plays are becoming the norm with the new rebrand. With support from my patrons, I also hope to begin interviewing well-known cosplayers, video game creators, and more!

With all of that said, I am proud to present the…


The Geeky Gang is the name of my amazing and wonderful Patreon supporters! Funds graciously given by the Geeky Gang will go to upgrading the blog’s website to a better hosting plan, purchasing new and upgraded equipment for filming, a possible future video editor, expanding the blog and channel, making more content like weekly videos, as well as my time spent writing, filming, editing and designing. 

Let’s talk tiers and current benefits of becoming a part of the Geeky Gang!

The Casual Geek – $1/month

This tier is perfect for the geek that wants to support the blog and YouTube channel, but doesn’t have much to give. The basic benefits give you access to the Patron-only thread as well as your name on the dedicated Patron page on the blog.

The Everyday Geek – $5/month

This tier is perfect for the geek that wants to support the blog and YouTube channel and wants to get a little more than the basic benefits including Q&As, Polls, and the coveted sneak peek of the yearly 30 Day Challenge on A Geeky Gal.

The Hardcore Geek – $10/month

  • Access to Patron-only thread!
  • Your name or alias on A Geeky Gal blog’s official Patreon page!
  • Access to Patron-only Q&As and Polls!
  • Sneak peek of the yearly 30 Day Challenge!
  • Have your name or alias listed at the end of my YouTube videos during the months you pledge!
  • Monthly blog post or YouTube video request!

This tier is perfect for the geek that wants to support the blog and YouTube channel and wants to get the very best benefits including you name or alias in the credits of my YouTube videos as well as the option to request a blog post or YouTube video from me.

Please do not feel like you have to pledge in order to keep enjoying my blog content and YouTube videos. I still value those of you that simply follow, subscribe, stop by to read a post, or watch a video. Support from you never has to be monetary. If you do so choose to support me by becoming a Patron, I wanted to offer rewards and benefits that my followers might enjoy.

To current and future readers, followers, and supporters, I would like to thank you for helping me continue to create, write, and pursue my geeky passions through my blog and YouTube channel. This wouldn’t be possible without you! It truly means so much to me. If you’d like to become a part of the Geeky Gang, please check out my Patreon here.




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