Spoilers! Mid-Year 2019 Blog + Personal Resolutions

Spoilers! Mid-Year 2019 Blog + Personal Resolutions

It’s that time of the year where I check in on all of the resolutions I made at the beginning of 2019! I really needed this refresher after taking a break in May. I won’t be necessarily changing my 2019 resolutions, but I do think I should revise some of my goals after coming back from a mental health break due to burn out. I have a new posting schedule, and my goals should reflect that.

I’ve made great strides towards a lot of these resolutions, but others have fallen to the wayside (as they do sometimes). My mental health break was a great learning experience in that I realized what is most important to me, and how I can better handle future cases of burn out. Let’s be honest though, I want to avoid burn out again as much as possible. I have a feeling the year 2020’s resolutions will be much different from this year!

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Spoilers! 2019 Blog + Personal Resolutions

Spoilers! 2019 Blog + Personal Resolutions

Happy (late) New Year geeks! 2017 was amazing for A Geeky Gal, and 2018 was no different. I posted more, commented more, and just feel overall more confident in my blog. It honestly gives me a lot of excitement to see how much farther I can take my blog in 2019!

I couldn’t have done so well this year though without all of you and my fellow bloggers. Matt at Normal Happenings has been instrumental in giving advice and being a sounding board for ideas, and his collaborations as well as him letting me have given me more confidence as a writer/blogger. He also helped me get my first YouTube video up this year so I’m looking forward to doing more of those! All of that brings me to my resolutions for 2019.

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New 30 Day Challenge Announcement!

Tomorrow I will be posting a new 30 day challenge prompt! Several months ago I did my own 30 Day Video Game Challenge. I really wanted to do one more this year and decided upon a theme… a theme that will be announced tomorrow when I post the entire 30 day prompt list! I’m so excited to share this with all of you, especially with the small success I’ve had with my new YouTube channel so far and how far my blog has come.

All of you have had a real hand in the success of A Geeky Gal. Thank you. I never imagined my little blog would reach so many people. And I never thought I’d have a YouTube channel. As a way to give back to this wonderful community, I wanted to do one more 30 Day Challenge this year.

So here’s your official heads up! Tomorrow I will be posting September’s 30 day challenge which will start on September 1st. Keep an eye on my blog and social media channels so you can get to writing! And of course be sure to link back to the prompt so I can give your posts a shout out on Twitter or Facebook.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers! Anyone want to guess the challenge? Leave your guess in the comments!


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Blogger Collaboration: The Games That Define Us

Blogger Collaboration: The Games That Define Us

We all have that one game that is truly a part of our identity. It’s not just any video game, it’s our video game. It’s the one that’s always on our mind when we think about nostalgia or even games in general — the one with the most memories and stories attached to it.

—  Matt @ Normal Happenings


Normal Happenings has done it again.

If you saw the last blogger collaboration, Hyrule: See the Sights! Hear the Sounds!, then you have got to get on board for the next collaboration: The Games That Define Us. Just as with the Hyrule collab, The Games That Define us will include music and imagery to match each individual and personal post.

There are currently TWO spots left! If you want in on this huge collaboration follow this link to Normal Happenings post. Matt and Nikki at Normal Happenings have made this incredibly simple and organized to keep confusion to a minimum.

Questions? Just leave a comment on the main post with any questions you have about the project! You seriously don’t want to miss out!


Mystery Blogger Award (+ Tags)

Mystery Blogger Award (+ Tags)

The lovely Chrissie over at Vamp It Up Manchester was kind enough to nominate me for the Mystery Blogger Award! Thank you so much Chrissie! Chrissie shares edgy styles (a personal favorite of mine), cruelty free beauty, as well as vegetarian meals and restaurants she and her bloke try out. You should really check out her blog!


Mystery Blogger Award Preview:

According to the creator, Okoto, “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.

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