New 30 Day Challenge Announcement!

Tomorrow I will be posting a new 30 day challenge prompt! Several months ago I did my own 30 Day Video Game Challenge. I really wanted to do one more this year and decided upon a theme… a theme that will be announced tomorrow when I post the entire 30 day prompt list! I’m so excited to share this with all of you, especially with the small success I’ve had with my new YouTube channel so far and how far my blog has come.

All of you have had a real hand in the success of A Geeky Gal. Thank you. I never imagined my little blog would reach so many people. And I never thought I’d have a YouTube channel. As a way to give back to this wonderful community, I wanted to do one more 30 Day Challenge this year.

So here’s your official heads up! Tomorrow I will be posting September’s 30 day challenge which will start on September 1st. Keep an eye on my blog and social media channels so you can get to writing! And of course be sure to link back to the prompt so I can give your posts a shout out on Twitter or Facebook.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers! Anyone want to guess the challenge? Leave your guess in the comments!


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A Geeky Gal is now on YouTube!

A Geeky Gal is now on YouTube!

That’s right. Thanks to a lot of help from Matt at Normal Happenings, my dream of creating a YouTube channel has become a reality. I’m excited to present to you, my first video! Today I am “unbagging” this goodie bag of handmade Sailor Moon items from Mind Speaks that I won in their giveaway!

Special thanks to Mind Speaks for holding the giveaway and creating such an amazing bag of handmade goodies.

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Got any video suggestions? What would you like to see? Let me know in the comments!

Spoilers: Blog News & Updates

Spoilers: Blog News & Updates

I’m so excited to let y’all in on what is in store for A Geeky Gal. As you may know, one of my blog resolutions was to set up a YouTube channel. I have a few ideas up my sleeve like Let’s Play videos, geeky unboxings, geeky hauls, and more! Unfortunately, life has been busy with wedding planning and work so this idea has taken a back seat.

But I have good news!

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Spoilers: the Geek & Weight-loss (Part 2)

Spoilers: the Geek & Weight-loss (Part 2)

It’s been 10 months since my first weight-loss post here on the blog and about 15 months since I started my weight-loss journey. It’s been quite a ride so I wanted to take a moment and share what I’ve been going through with all of you.

When I first started my journey, I kept everything really hidden. I didn’t talk about it much except on Instagram where I took pictures of my meals and did a few progress pictures. I really dived into the online weight-loss community though. I found forums that welcomed my questions. I even found a safe space for short girls who were tackling having such a small amount of daily calories.

Those places saved me.

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The Thing About PTSD

The Thing About PTSD
The thing about PTSD —
it’s silent.

It waits. Until you’re in bed — until you close your eyes — then it assaults your sleep, leaving you lying awake, waiting for danger. If you reach precious sleep, it reminds you of its control by plaguing you with nightmares. While you’re awake, you listen. Every stifled noise, every movement out of the corner of your eye could be danger.

The thing about PTSD —
it’s loud.

It screams endlessly in your head. It whispers constantly on your ear. Danger! It calls. Beware! It demands. Remember! It screams. It reminds you of the past. It throws into chaos the future. It reminds you so that you can’t work, you can’t sleep, you can’t concentrate. All you can do is listen.

The thing about PTSD —
it’s omnipresent.

It doesn’t just happen to soldiers, though their pain is never taken seriously enough. It can happen to you, to me, to anyone. It is indiscriminate. It doesn’t care about your race, gender, or religion. It doesn’t care how much money you make. It can happen to you.

The thing about PTSD —
it’s something I have.


I thought it was just anxiety. “It’s pretty normal to have anxiety,” I remember thinking as I booked my first therapy appointment. I just needed help managing it. It was starting to affect my marriage and my day to day life. I had struggled with it for years, but I knew I needed new tools to handle it better.

After my first session, my therapist dropped the bomb on me. Yes, I have anxiety, but I have PTSD also. I felt like a train screeching to a halt. What? How? Me? Why? I was confused and couldn’t understand. I only came for my anxiety. I didn’t ask for this.

My therapist explained the filing cabinet theory. After seeing and hearing her explanation, I swallowed my initial thoughts and made a second appointment. My therapist sounded like she knew what she was talking about. I recalled in the moment that she specialized in trauma, and I knew I was in good hands.

Piece by piece, we’re going through each event that has led me to here. We’re tearing down each intrusive thought word-by-word. We’re reopening old wounds so that they can finally heal correctly.

Because the thing about PTSD —
it hurts.

It hurts you. It hurts me. It hurts loved ones. Like a hurricane, it hurts everyone in its path. In the moment, it’s hard to stop. It can be uncontrollable.

The thing about PTSD —
it takes.

It takes your happiness. It takes your sleep. It takes your concentration. It takes your energy. It takes your memories. It takes your breath. It takes your quality of life.

The thing about PTSD —
it robs you.

It robs you of feeling safe, and of your sense of belonging. It robs you of music you can no longer listen to, places you can no longer visit, and hobbies you can no longer love without remembering the trauma.

The thing about PTSD is —
it can be beat!

You can beat it. I can beat it. With the right therapy and the slow progress of attaining a new mindset, it can be beat. I will beat it. You will beat it!

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Design & editing props for this post: Matt @ Normal Happenings.

Spoilers! Life (& Blog) Update

Spoilers! Life (& Blog) Update

Hey y’all! I wanted to take the time today to do a small life update post as well as tell you what’s coming to the blog for the rest of the year. I recently went over my mid year resolutions check in so I thought I’d write this little life (and blog) update too.

Things have been changing since my last immigration post, and by changing I mean all good things are happening! I have some news on Alec’s green card, day-to-day life, our wedding shower in May, and more. You’ll be getting a cute little update on our story in July, and then one more update sometime after October to conclude our immigration journey.  October is the month of our “big” wedding, and January should bring our much anticipated honeymoon.

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Spoilers! Mid-Year Blog + Personal Resolutions

Spoilers! Mid-Year Blog + Personal Resolutions

With half the year already behind us, I wanted to do a quick check in on my goals for the year. I’m pretty proud looking at the things that have been crossed off so far, but I’m also feeling a little overwhelmed by what’s left. My blog resolutions came pretty easy, but my personal resolutions are all still awaiting completion! I’ve got 6 months left to try to get some more resolutions crossed off. Let’s do this!

Blog Resolutions for 2018

  • Finish website changes All website changes are in effect and complete!
  • Create a Youtube channel (This one is in the works; stay tuned.)
  • Make pinnable images for ALL blog posts (Ugh. Why did I make this resolution?)
  • Have 150 WordPress followers (91 currently) 194 followers!
  • Have 100 Facebook likes (68 currently) 121 likes!
  • Have 300 Instagram followers (202 currently) 300 followers!
  • Complete a 30 Day Blog Challenge 30 Day Video Game Challenge.
  • Guest post for at least 2 bloggers (Normal Happenings; who else wants to collab?)
  • Do a ‘Let’s Play’ for Youtube (Been thinking about doing horror games; would love to hear some advice in the comments!)
  • Host a giveaway (What would you guys like to see? Leave a suggestion in the comments!)

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