Monday Musings: Too Good To Be True

Monday Musings: Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True

I knew you were too good to be true.

The way you fit with me,

so perfectly.


I knew you were too good to be true.

The way you made me laugh,

so happily.


I knew you were too good to be true.

The way you said you loved me,

so passionately.


I knew you were too good to be true.

The way you held me tight,

so lovingly.


I knew you were too good to be true.

The way you lied to me,

so honestly.


I knew you were too good to be true.

The way you left me,

so abruptly.


I knew you were too good to be true.

The way I cried for you,

so stupidly.


I knew you were too good to be true.

The way you brush me off

just when I need you.


I knew you were too good to be true.

The way you pushed me away,

so I turned away.


I knew you were too good to be true.

And I know now that

I’m too good for you.



Monday Musings: In the Shower

Monday Musings: In the Shower

In the Shower

I felt like the water wasn’t hot enough


To wash me away…


To wash away the memories

The dirt and grime

The tears in my eyes


I felt like I couldn’t scrub hard enough


To wash it down the drain…


To wash away the pain

The lies you told

The feeling of being cold


I felt like I couldn’t stand there long enough


To wash him off me…


To wash away everything

The feelings I have

The love we once had


I felt like I couldn’t get dry enough


To wash away the tears…


To wash away the time

The days I spent with him

The weeks we had spent


I felt like I couldn’t sleep enough


To dream away my reality…


To fall inside of myself

The memories of happiness

The ghost of our last kiss


I felt like I couldn’t bleed enough


To cut you away from me…


To bleed you out

The numbness

The coldness


I felt like I couldn’t breathe


To breathe meant defeat…


To breathe meant you’re gone

The wholeness

The happiness



Spoilers! We’re going to Disney!

Spoilers! We’re going to Disney!

That’s right! We’re finally going on our honeymoon!


Part of me is really sad that I don’t have more posts lined up for this week, but last week was a whirlwind of busyness while we tried to juggle post-holiday responsibilities, work, and packing. I hope to be back on my regular posting schedule when we come back.

With that in mind, all of my social media will be going dark after this post. This includes my personal as well as my blog accounts. I plan on sharing this post on all of my social media as well as a quick note to say that I will be without social media for the week.I’m just going to delete the apps from my phone, not actually deactivate any accounts.

I want to use this week to focus on my husband and our time together. We still plan on taking tons of pictures, but it’s time to take a break from the constant sharing and living for social media. We have been through so much the past year so we can’t wait to take a well deserved vacation.

Until then, please enjoy some of my past posts here on A Geeky Gal. I hope you all have a fantastic week! I look forward to sharing all of our Disney adventures (as well as my long awaited wedding post) when we get back!

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Spoilers! 2019 Blog + Personal Resolutions

Spoilers! 2019 Blog + Personal Resolutions

Happy (late) New Year geeks! 2017 was amazing for A Geeky Gal, and 2018 was no different. I posted more, commented more, and just feel overall more confident in my blog. It honestly gives me a lot of excitement to see how much farther I can take my blog in 2019!

I couldn’t have done so well this year though without all of you and my fellow bloggers. Matt at Normal Happenings has been instrumental in giving advice and being a sounding board for ideas, and his collaborations as well as him letting me have given me more confidence as a writer/blogger. He also helped me get my first YouTube video up this year so I’m looking forward to doing more of those! All of that brings me to my resolutions for 2019.

Blog Resolutions for 2019

  • Post at least one YouTube video a month.
  • Have 750 WordPress followers (437 currently).
  • Have 200 Facebook likes (138 currently).
  • Have 500 Instagram followers (356 currently).
  • Complete a new 30 Day Blog Challenge.
  • Host a giveaway.
  • Interview 3 geeky people.
  • Post more mental health content as it relates to gaming/anime/etc.
  • Blog daily for one month (not including a 30 Day Blog Challenge).
  • Update photos of myself on the blog.

Make YouTube videos has been a goal for years but I think this year will be the year that it becomes obtainable! I’m also trying to set obtainable goals for my social media, but I have a hard time getting Facebook and Instagram followers so I fully expect not to meet those goals this year. Some of these resolutions are making a comeback from last year as they are still things I want to do like the 30 Day Blog Challenge and hosting a giveaway.

Part of my YouTube channel is going to be interviews so I’m very excited to meet the goal of 3 interviews this year.I’ve also really enjoyed posting about mental health in the past so I would like to start incorporating that into my more geeky posts. Unlike having a prompt for 30 Days, I’d like to try a month of just daily blogging so I can explore myself more as a writer. Last but not least is updating the photos of myself on the blog, because I obviously lost weight and look different now!

Personal Resolutions for 2018

  • Reach my goal weight. Get healthy and fit!
  • Continue to work on my mental health.
  • Finish the Library. Finally.
  • Create 5 game-ready 3D models for my portfolio.
  • Curate my style.
  • Save up for a house.
  • Cultivate one new skill.
  • Take a vacation.
  • Travel somewhere, anywhere.
  • Attend a convention.

If you follow my personal Instagram account, you already know I am doing away with the scale at home for the moment. I got a trainer who is overhauling my eating habits and helping me get stronger and fitter. I hope to continue bettering my mental health this year too. I am no where near close to having the Library finished so that is coming back for this year’s resolutions. I haven’t been able to work on my portfolio as much as I would like so I’m also bringing back that goal.

Instead of an unobtainable Pinterest closet, I’d like to come with my own sort of “uniform” and curate my current closet to benefit me. Alec and I are hoping to have our down payment for a home saved up by the end of the year. I also want to gain one new skill this year. I’m not sure what yet! Leave me some suggestions in the comments. The last three resolutions are about getting away: I want to take a vacation, travel somewhere (maybe nearby), and attend a convention to help get me out of the house and away from technology.

What are your resolutions for this year? What skill do you think I should add to my life? Do you have any vacation or travel ideas for me? Leave me a comment below!



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Spoilers! Taking a Holiday Break

Spoilers! Taking a Holiday Break

Hey geeky readers! Starting Saturday, December 22nd to January 2nd, I will be taking a break from the blog to spend time with friends and family. I’m overdue for a break, but I will be back next year with my new blog and personal resolutions as well as all the normal content you’re used to seeing on the blog.

With that being said, I hope all of you have a happy holiday and an amazing New Year!


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Spoilers! A Look at 2018 Blog + Personal Resolutions

Spoilers! A Look at 2018 Blog + Personal Resolutions

Another year has come and gone on A Geeky Gal. It’s been an eventful and amazing 2018 for my blog and my personal life. I wanted to take a look at my resolutions that I set at the beginning of the year to see how far I’ve come, how my goals have changed, and what I want to work on next year!

Blog Resolutions for 2018

  • Finish website changes. Done!
  • Create a Youtube channel. Done!
  • Make pinnable images for ALL blog posts.
  • Have 150 WordPress followers (91 currently). 424 followers!
  • Have 100 Facebook likes (68 currently). 137 likes!
  • Have 300 Instagram followers (202 currently). 355 followers!
  • Complete a 30 Day Blog Challenge. (30 Day Video Game Challenge) (30 Day Anime Challenge)
  • Guest post for at least 2 bloggers. (Normal Happenings)
  • Do a ‘Let’s Play’ for YouTube.
  • Host a giveaway.

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Monday Musings: Snob

Monday Musings: Snob


Walk with your nose in the air

hips swaying to your imaginary

song you swear is there.


You have smile that’s painted

but I can see the creases in your

forehead that can’t be erased.


I wonder if I cut you open

if I’d find another world

or if it’d be like cutting paper.


Dye your hair the latest trend,

cake on your fake face,

slide the plastic over the counter,

and pretend to wait.