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5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fictional Foods (with recipes!)


Curry Buns from Black Butler


Seriously, I could eat every dish that Sebastian has made in this anime. Each one looks mouth watering but the curry roll grabbed my attention the most. The Fiance is a big fan of Indian dishes so I can’t wait to try to make this. Mmm! Make your own with this recipe.

Skyrim’s Sweet Rolls


These remind me of a tall cinnamon bun but I bet they taste ten times better than what comes out of the can around here and cheaper than buying them. You don’t need much to make these and they’re perfect for a game night or a gamer party. Check out the recipe here.

Nuka Cola from Fallout


The Fiance is a huge Fallout fan, and I enjoy it too! They came out with Nuka Cola Quantum, and I missed my chance to grab a pack. Don’t panic though, here’s a nifty recipe!


Kingdom Heart’s Sea Salt Ice Cream


One of my favorite games created a dessert that I have drooled over forever. I love ice cream. I love sea salt. I love Kingdom Hearts. These are a must make.


Kronk’s Spinach Puffs from The Emperor’s New Groove


Kronk’s famous spinach puffs. Who hasn’t dreamed of trying these? If it has the word puff in it, I’m usually game! Nerdy Nummies did one version and Feast of Fiction did another! Pick your favorite and give these a try.


What are your favorite fictional foods? Have you made any? Share your recipe in the comments!

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Saturday Suggestion – Anime: Plastic Memories

Break out the tissues for this one! Every episode will have you tearing up!

Brief intro: Enter a future world where humanoid robots called Giftia have memories, human tendencies, and emotions. Special task forces are meant to retrieve them before their lifespan of 9 years and 4 months is over. Once a Giftia’s life expires, they lose their memories and become violent, losing their “human-like” levels of strength and speed, rendering them almost impossible to stop.

Our main characters are paired as Marksman (Giftia) and Spotter (human) in a small task force to recover these expiring Giftia. Tsukasa is an 18-year-old human boy who had no idea what kind of job he was taking on after his interview. He is paired with Isla, a veteran Giftia. Together, they must recover Giftias whose lives are about to expire before they lose their memories. There’s a problem though… Tsukasa has fallen for Isla, but how much time does Isla have left with her lifespan steadily ticking away?

Review: Fans of Chobits, rejoice! If you love Chobits, this anime is a must watch.

Much like Chobits, Plastic Memories centers around a humanoid robot with emotions and feelings. Isla, a veteran Giftia who has had a partner in the past, is paired with Tsukasa, a teenager who has no idea what he’s doing.

The first episode had me snot-crying so bring the tissues. If you thought from the first episode that this anime will be about the Giftias and Terminal Service One, it’s not. It’s all – and I mean ALL – about Tsukasa and Isla. Supporting characters also get their time to shine a little too, though I’m left wondering what the hell is going on with Kazuki? Her character is a little all over the place.

The writers have spiced this anime perfectly with a dash of humor, a sprinkling of science fiction, a little slice of life and a whole lot of bittersweet sadness. It doesn’t take long to empathize with the characters and the job they have to do. You immediately start rooting for Tsukasa to win Isla’s heart.

A heartbreaking twist is the bow on this bittersweet package, and it’ll leave you empty for days.

Bottom Line: All aboard the feels trip.

Official Rating: PG-13

Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life

Geeky Gal’s Score: 5 out of 5 stars!


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Saturday Suggestion – Anime: Say I Love You

Say I Love You

Say I Love You is a classic school romance-drama anime.

Brief intro: Mei Tachibana is a plain, socially awkward schoolgirl whose idea of friendship was changed forever after being bullied by her so-called friends. To save herself the pain and heartache from this ever happening again, Mei vows to never make friends again. That is until Yamato Kurosawa—one of the most popular boys in high school. Now Mei can’t help but question her choices.

Yamato makes the effort time and time again to be her friend, even freely giving her his number. As their relationship slowly develops, and is marked with an unexpected kiss, Mei is finding it very hard to express her true feelings towards Yamato. Sukitte Ii na yo. follows their developing relationship, as well as their frequent disagreements, to portray how difficult it can really be to say “I love you.”

Review: This romance anime is basically the standard formula of socially awkward girl + hot guy + well-placed drama = love story. What makes this anime stand out that is how well it’s done. The story is so believable and accurate about the first time falling in love. You might tear up so bring some tissues!

I really like this anime as I can identify with Mei: socially awkward, introverted, little to no friends. And even if I couldn’t identify with her, the emotions, feelings, and situations Mei and Yamato go through are so accurate when you first fall in love. I could easily remember back when I had felt those things too.

The anime is also a bit frustrating at times and transparent. You can usually guess what is about to happen, and there’s a lot of misunderstandings from miscommunication or the lack of communication. I still enjoyed watching the story unfold and a lot of the supporting characters have their own backstory that adds to the selling points of this series.

The artwork is beautiful and well done as is the music which is light and sweet. The music adds to the atmosphere which is realistic and in the realm of possibility.

At the end of the day, “Say I Love You” is a sweet romance that tugs at your heart strings even with its basic plot and almost stereotypical characters. It’s well done and beautiful with light music and the right amount of romance.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a sweet, classic school love and (a little) tearful romance, try “Say I Love You.”

Official Rating: PG-13

Genre(s): Romance, Drama, School

Geeky Gal’s Score: 4 out of 5 stars!





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Saturday Suggestion – Anime: Noragami



Noragami (or Stray God) was a fantasy manga series adapted into an anime for our viewing pleasure. Equal parts funny, cute, and action-packed, Noragami will grab your attention. From the short plot episodes to the over-all scheme playing for twelve episodes, you will fall in love with the characters and be left wanting more

Brief intro: Our main character, Yato, is a minor god without a single shrine to his name. Accepting jobs for 5 yen, his Rengalia (sacred weapon), Tomone, quitting, and scary phantoms and other gods after him, it’s safe to say Yato is down on his luck. Unbeknownst to him, a high school girl named Hiyori is about to change all of that when she “saves” him from getting hit by a bus, resulting in her becoming a half-phantom.

Review: I can’t say enough good things about this anime. Yato is as hilarious as he is powerful. He’s not just some tough guy killing off phantoms with epic Rengalias (uncorrupted souls that trasform into sacred weapons). He’s homeless, sleeping in other gods’ shrines and taking small jobs just to eat and save for his own shrine yet he still finds time to scrawl his phone number across bathroom stalls, hoping to get his name out there as the “delievery god.” He’s silly and compassionate and hopeful. Our main character may be this jersey-wearing god, trying to find lost kittens and scrubbing bath rooms for 5 yen just to get his own shrine, but the supporting characters are just as full of personality as Yato.

Hiyori isn’t like some of the other girls in anime, falling all over the main character and constantly needing to be saved. After becoming a half phantom, she can kick some ass even though she does get herself in situations that Yato has to pull her out of. In her phantom form, it’s easy for her to fight, run, and leap across buildings if she could only keep up with her human body…. When Hiyori least expects it, her human body falls asleep, releasing her phantom form (complete with a cute cat tail). Many times she doesn’t even realize this which makes for hilarious moments for those around her when she spontaneously falls asleep.

When Hiyori is not helping Yato, she is helping Yukine, Yato’s new Rengalia. Yukine died young and has no recollection of his past life. As a young teen, he still acts and feels as if he were alive. Many times this causes problems for Yato and Hioyri. Every time Yukine “sins,” he hurts Yato as their bodies are connected once Yato had named him his Rengalia.

The episodes are cute and funny with a side of action every time the characters get into trouble. The short plots tend to be resolved quickly, leaving little room to be expanded upon later if this series continues. The main plot of the story is interesting but I feel as if there could have been so much more explained. Yato’s story could be so much more deeper with more details. His story weaves with other gods’ and it leaves you with questions that could hopefully be answered in a season two (but there is no confirmation on another season).

Speaking of the other gods, a few are in the series pretty briefly, spanning a few episodes or even a few moments per episode. Kofuku, the goddess of poverty, is seen the most as Yato’s good friend. I love her character a lot but want to know more about her and her Rangalia’s story. They own a small shop (despite her being the goddess of poverty) and have such a close relationship.

Bishamon, a goddess of combat, has several Rengalia’s that make up not only weapons, but her clothing. The riff between her and Yato gets crazy but I can’t help but want to know the whole story about what started it, flashbacks and all! Of course, we find out what started it but I want details!

Overall, I really loved this anime. Had it been more than 12 episodes, I believe so much more could have been explained and expanded upon. Hopefully, we can get a second season and get that detail and depth that I so desperately want to see.

Bottom Line: If you want a short, funny, supernatural anime to lose yourself in, Noragami is the way to go!

Official Rating: PG-13

Genre(s): Fantasy, Comedy, Supernatual

Geeky Gal’s Score: 4 out of 5 stars!


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Fantasy Life Review: Get a life… or three


Disclaimer: This post has no spoilers. All comments containing spoilers will be deleted.

Fantasy Life is an RPG for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is set in a beautiful and vast fantasy-like world. You can create your own avatar to explore the lands and pick a job (but don’t fret; you can try them all). There are limitless possibilities in your new life including setting on a grand adventure to save the world.

Brief intro: Welcome to Reveria adventurer! Create a character that suits you then choose your Life! No worries though; you can try every Life you want by simply getting a new license. Each Life comes with it’s own challenges, pushing you to become the best at your job and explore the world, collect, mine, craft, battle, make friends and more! Explore bustling villages, beautiful forests, dark caverns, burning deserts, and dazzling oceans. Collect Bliss to progress the main story line and get incredible rewards like more storage, more items in shops, and even pets! Help villagers, royals, and pirates with their individual requests to earn Dosh (money!), experience, and items. Buy homes and decorate them to your heart’s content and fill them with personalized pets that can join you in battles and adventures.

Review: I’m pretty much obsessed. I play this game on my thirty minute lunch break while I stuff my face. I play it before bed. I play it when I’m at friends’ houses. I play it when I should be doing other things (oops!). It’s pretty addicting simply for the fact that there is so much to do!

I put it on reserve only because I had read it was similar to Animal Crossing (my other favorite game) and let me just say it is nothing like Animal Crossing (aside from the cute characters and their extremely diverse personalities). You do not have to play this game daily. In fact, Reveria has it’s own day clock on the touch screen that will show you when it will get dark (and that’s when the baddies come out in the forests and grassy plains). Another difference is your avatar. Rather than the game generating you one, you get complete customization of your very own character with tons of color options.

True to RPG fashion, you’ll spend a good amount of time going through all the combinations of eyes to eyebrows to noses to mouths. Luckily it means you’re avatar will be very different compared to others, because… you get to play along with friends! Yes! When you streetpass someone with Fantasy Life, their avatar will appear in your game for you to talk with and receive presents from. There is also a multiplayer option in which you and your friends can go exploring together. Exciting, right?!

So I lovelovelove questing. Luckily you get 3 different opportunities to do this in the game. There are your Life challenges, Bliss requests, and requests you receive from characters throughout the lands. Life challenges depend on the Life you chose at the very beginning of your game. If you chose to be a wizard, you Life challenges will have to do with learning magic. When you complete these challenges, you level up and receive more challenges, better tools, and new skills with power ups. If you find that you would like to try some alchemy, you can simply go get a license to be an alchemist. This will trigger a mini story in which you will learn how to do alchemy from a master. It’s basically a super-short-to-the-point tutorial on how to collect the supplies (if any are needed for the life you chose), how to craft/create items, etc. Bliss requests help you progress the main storyline. After collecting the bliss from these requests, you can chose rewards including but not limited to: pets (one, two, and three at a time), larger storage options, more options in shops, a hairstyle shop, a change of color to clothing, horse riding, tortoise riding, etc. Finally, requests you receive from other characters will reward you in different ways. Sometimes you will receive Dosh (money), rare items, multiple common items, and experience points.

The main storyline is refreshing and original. You meet kings and sultans and pirates and crazy outlaws with a talkative, quirky, and funny butterfly at your side. Luckily she takes care of most of the talking as your character seems to be the silent type. Throughout the main story line, you learn about her, wishes that characters make with the butterfly, and the mysterious moonstones popping up around Reveria. While the storyline is awesome, you may find yourself questing and battling more than simply blowing straight through the main story, which is a good thing as the enemies only get harder the further you go.

There’s special things you can do such as going to the post office and typing in codes to receive free stuff, adding gifts to your profile for your friends, viewing visitors’ profiles, and other awesome things!

This game has 100+ hours of gameplay with endless things to do. Quest, fight, gather. It’s your Life to do as you please. Play straight through the storyline and spend the rest of your days completing every Life. Choose a life and complete challenges into the wee hours of the night. Play multiplayer with your friends to hunt and gather for requests from villagers. And if you still can’t get enough, there’s an expansion already!

Bottom Line: If you love RPG’s and never tire of quests and funny story lines, Fantasy Life is a must-have for your collection.

Official Rating: E10+

Genre(s): RPG

Geeky Gal’s Score: 5 out of 5 stars!