Top Ten Fashion Geeks

Top Ten Fashion Geeks

In case you missed it, this new installment of lists is my top ten favorite bloggers and sites! Last month was my Top Ten Geeky Food Blogs. This month is all about geeky fashion and the wonderful, talented fashionistas who put the “fandom” in fashion!



How can you have a fashion geek blog list and not feature Jordandene? I mean she is all over Facebook and all up in my Insta feed. Not that I’m complaining because just look at all of these shirts. And she even has a cool segment called Geek Fashion Fix on The Sartorial Geek!

Favorites: I Drink and I Know Things Mug, Curiosity Voyage – Free Phone Wallpaper

The Ultimate Guide to the Fashion of Doctor Who


Doctor Who you say? I was already in love before I saw the wonderful fashion posts that this blog had to offer. All of our favorite companions and even up to date posts on fashion outside of the show, this blog has it all for the fashionista Whovian.

Favorites: The 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler Style FileClara Oswald’s Guide to Dating Looks

Plus Size Nerd


I love it when fashion bloggers are size inclusive and body positive. Even if you’re not plus sized, Plus Size Nerd has some amazing posts like this one on socks and this one about confidence. For those ladies who are plus sized, there’s so many awesome fashion posts with links to everything!

Favorites: 5 Nerdy Spring Dresses for Plus Size WomenPlus Size Swimsuits for Nerds

Nerdy Vegas Chic


Nerdy Vegas Chic has a wonderfully curated insta full of geeky fashion finds and outfits. If you love pins and mugs, you’ll feel right at home in NVC’s feed. Along with geeky fashion finds, you’ll also get weekly doses of amazing food posts and inspiring geek quotes.

Favorites: Finding Your Geek Tribe Part 1, Finding Your Geek Tribe Part 2



One of the very first geek fashion bloggers I ever followed is Melificent! A geeky mom with a geeky lifestyle. Her Insta is swoon worthy, and I literally can’t get enough of little Luna’s fashion. I’d pay any of amount of money for Mel to give my closet a geeky overhaul, pretty please.

Favorites: Museum of Ice Cream Miami, What I Wore: Hedge Witch

Anakin and His Angel


If you love fashion and you LOVE Star Wars,  Anakin and His Angel is the blog for you! Jen Marie is not only a huge Star Wars fan, but she’s got fashion sense to put it all together too. Her Insta is full of Star Wars swag and tons of fashion. She also gets mega points in my book for her blog theme (Padme is my Chihuahua’s name!).

Favorites: Style Wars: Ethereal Empire, Star Wars OOTD: A Pop of Rey

The Dorky Diva


I’m fairly new to The Dorky Diva blog, but what I’ve seen has already made me a huge fan. Savanna has her hands in her Star Wars podcast, all things Star Wars, and, of course, fashion! What I love even more is the awesome fashion collab between Savanna and Jen Marie! Two Star Wars fans battling it out with Star Wars fashion!

Favorites: Star Wars Galactic Necklace, Star Wars Style: Ewoking on Sunshine

All Things Britney Lee


Britney at All Things Britney Lee satisfies my love for DisneyBounding as it’s something I would love to do one day! She has amazing outfits and even couples’ outfits! And she loves Harry Potter and Star Wars too! Britney is a must to add to your Insta feed for her fandom fashion, hair and make up!

Favorites: With a dreamy far off look, And her nose stuck in a book…, C3PO DisneyBound with a 60s twist

The Kessel Runway


Anaria over at The Kessel Runway is about to be your best friend and your first stop for all Star Wars fashion for women! She’s got product news, product reviews, round ups, rare finds, and styling advice. This blog is a literally a one-stop-shop.

Favorites: Padme’ Amidala Inspired Scarf by Prophecy Girl, DIY – Star Wars earrings

The Stylish Geek


You have found the droid you were looking for! If you were looking for sophisticated geek fashion and cosplay that is. Meet Emily at The Stylish Geek! Ooh and ah over her OOTD posts, jump aboard the fashion DIY train, and enjoy your stay with some cool cosplay posts.

Favorites: Rockin’ the Heat, A Spark of Hope: A Review of The Last Jedi

What are your favorite geeky fashion blogs? List them in the comments for everyone to check out!




Top Ten Geeky Food Blogs

Top Ten Geeky Food Blogs

Does anyone else love lists as much as I do? If you enjoy ‘My Current Favorite Things’ posts, I have a treat for you. This new installment of lists is my top ten favorite bloggers and sites! This week is all about yummy fandom recipes and the wonderful, talented bloggers who bring those recipes to us!

Geeks Who Eat


Meet Sarah and Matthew, the geniuses behind Geeks Who Eat. You can find everything from Disney to video game inspired recipes on their blog. They even have party guides! Throwing at 80’s party? How about a horror movie party? From entertainment to recipes to decor, Geeks Who Eat have complete party guides for you.

Favorite recipes: Awesome Mix Trail Mix, Crait Cakes



From books to film to TV (and even anime), Sharon at ReadWatchEat shares unique recipes with rundowns of why she made this recipe. One of my favorite things about ReadWatchEat is how simple the recipes are. Y’all know I love to cook but I am a lazy cook. Sharon takes care of me with her simplicity and short grocery lists.

Favorite recipes: Carol’s Tuna Casserole, Rocky Road Cookies

Popcorner Reviews


Monica over at Popcorner Reviews not only posts about geek fashion and DIY’s, but she also posts geeky recipes! From Marvel to Star Wars, there’s something there for everyone. Monica even has beautifully staged finish recipes for you to drool over.

Favorite recipes: Stranger Things Cupcakes, Star Wars Gingerbread Cookies

In Literature


In Literature has been mentioned before on my blog, especially for Month of Magic. Not only do I adore the aesthetic that is In Literature, but I love the recipes and the thought put behind each one. They are literally works of art. In Literature also has wonderful themed parties like Hogwarts and Fantastic Beasts.

Favorite recipes: Twice Baked Honey Cake, 1668 French Onion Soup

Witchy Kitchen


Witchy Kitchen isn’t just for Halloween. I actually stumbled across Witchy Kitchen on Instagram first and was drawn in by the amazing food flat lays! From Pokemon to Stranger Things, dig into the dark aesthetic of Witchy Kitchen’s site to find your new favorite fandom recipes!

Favorite recipes: Tough Guy Future Noodles, Eclipse Pizza

Pixelated Provisions


Video games and food you say? Victoria at Pixelated Provisions puts my two favorite things together on her blog. From Overwatch to Fallout, you can find so many video game inspired recipes. These would be amazing for a video game themed party!

Favorite recipes: Sea Salt Popsicles, Rivellon Pizza

The Cupcakedex


If you can’t tell from the name, let me introduce to you the master tumblr of Pokemon inspired recipes: The Cupcakedex! Whether you want to just browse amazing pictures of Pokemon food or actually want to try the recipes yourself, this site is amazing.

Favorite recipes: Chocolate Pikachus, Rowlette Eggs

The Gluttonous Geek


The Gluttonous Geek‘s blog is packed with pop culture food and recipes. Browse the site by fandom or check out the reviews on other fandom cook books and more! From comics to tabletop games, there’s plenty of recipes to check out.

Favorite recipes: Blue-Berry and Carrot Cake Donuts, Halfling’s Second Breakfast Skillet

Baking Mischief (Managed)


Baking Mischief has a cool Tumblr dedicated to the fandom recipes they make called Baking Mischief Managed. Super cool name for those who get the HP reference. Not only on these recipes creative, but lots of them are easy to make for those lazy cooks out there (me). Check out this huge master post for nerdy recipes!

Favorite recipes: Frosty Bantha Milk, Cheesy Potato Gratin for Two

Geeky Hostess


I stumbled across Geeky Hostess while looking up the game Deer Lord. She had an amazing party for the game and I ended up digging around on the site for more ideas! she’s got plenty of cool party ideas to go along with her rad recipes. I mean just look at this Cuphead inspired cake! Don’t forget to take a look at the shop while you’re there.

Favorite recipes: DnD-Style Tavern Menu, Cinderella’s Post-Midnight Pumpkin Bread

What are your favorite geeky food blogs? List them in the comments for everyone to check out!