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Hey ya’ll! My name is Meg. I’m 28 years old. I am from Alabama, but I live in Missouri currently. I live with my handsome, Irish husband, Alec, my long haired chihuahua named Padme, and our newest addition, Odin the (mostly) blind Doxle! I’m a 2D/3D artist hybrid by day. By night, I am a geeky gal, the blogger who has her hands in all things geek including gaming, cosplay, tech, fashion, and reviews! I’m up for it all: traveling, conventions, cosplaying, reviewing new and popular products, interviews, meeting anyone from celebrities to small town cosplayers to people like you, my readers.

I love to collaborate with people and businesses! I prefer to work with those who fit within the geeky categories of my blog. If you are interested, please contact me at megan.price@rocketmail.com


Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of A Geeky Gal!

I am interested in all things geeky, but specifically: geek fashion; geek beauty; geek technology; home decor; crafts; games for PC, Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch; visual novels; animated shows; geek culture conventions; geek food and recipes.  I will only accept products that fit into the niche of the A Geeky Gal blog.

You can email me at megan.price@rocketmail.com with any questions you might have regarding sponsored posts, reviews, giveaways, ads and/or campaigns.

Contact Info:


Sponsored Posts:

A sponsored post is when a brand approaches me with a product or service, often for me to try out and review. They are looking to highlight their product in a dedicated post where I am compensated for featuring their brand, product or service. I only accept these sponsored posts if I really love, trust, and 100% stand behind the brand and product. I only accept things I think are awesome, fit within my blog niche, and that I think you will love, too! I will ALWAYS let you now when a post is sponsored.

Affiliate & Brand Rep Links:

I am currently a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and the Target Affiliate Team, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com, Target.com, and other affiliated sites. Affiliate links place a cookie on a reader’s computer for 30 days. If you follow a link and make a purchase within that 30 day time frame, I will be compensated a small amount from a third party. It does not affect your purchase whatsoever, and there is absolutely no additional cost to you! Think of it like a tip jar, but instead of you tipping, the brands are tipping me in your place, but you still get the good karma for clicking my link!

I’m an affiliate for Adorned by Chi. A small compensation comes from all sales that use my code. Use code AGEEKYGAL for a special discount on your order. Any blog posts will have a *Disclosure attached to them (see below).

I’m now a brand rep for A Geek Girl’s Tees. I am compensated by AGGT in exchange for social media posts. Use code MEGAN15 for a special discount on your order. Any blog posts will have a *Disclosure attached to them (see below).

I’m also an affiliate for Poshmark. A small compensation comes from certain actions I take such as posting on social media, YouTube, or my blog. All posts such as these will be marked as an ad as per Poshmark’s guidelines. Any blog posts will have a *Disclosure attached to them (see below).

I always indicate if a blog post is sponsored or if affiliate links or brand rep discounts are used at the top or bottom of a post like this:

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I have been given these items and/or compensated to feature them. The review is my own and is 100% truthful. I stand behind the fact that I really, really do use these products! I will never host a sponsored post that I do not 100% love/support/utilize. 

*This post contains affiliate & brand rep links; actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for ageekygal.com which never add to your cost if you choose to make a purchase, but make it possible for me to maintain this site.  ♥

Side Bar Ads & Banners:

Sometimes a brand will want to rent out a small piece of real estate on my blog. I have a dedicated space on my sidebar where I host ads. Just like my sponsored posts, I only accept ads from brands and companies I like and believe are useful to my awesome readers and visitors!

THANK YOU for checking out my blog, and please share if you like what you read! I keep all of my social media updated with the newest blog posts so follow those to keep updated!

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34 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there Megan 🙂 I’m one of your readers at fanfiction.net, and I was wondering if you would be continuing Over Oceans ’cause I’m literally waiting for years now 😂 thank you and your blogs are amazing 💜


    1. Hi Elle! It’s nice to see a reader from FF. I haven’t been on in a long time. I don’t want to say that I’ll be continuing Over Oceans. It’s been so long, and I’m not sure I can salvage the plot and create an ending for it. I will tell you though that I will try. 🙂


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  3. nice to meet you Megan 🙂 my name is Pedro and I am from Lisbon 🙂 your blog is nice, and so is your tshirt in this photo “pretty girls like anime” ahah would love to invite you to discover my blog at worldwidepedrol.com cheers PedroL

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  4. You know you’re a fellow blogger when you read a page like this and say to yourself, “Man, that’s a really good disclosure page!” xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey Megan, thank you so much for the follow! I appreciate it so much! I am following you back as well 🙂 Looks like you have a great blog here, can’t wait to start reading your posts! Have a great day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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