5 Horror Webtoons Guaranteed to Keep You Up at Night! [5 Freaky Faves]

It’s the month of October and you know what that means… 5 Freaky Faves is back! In case you’re new around here or don’t remember 5 Freaky Faves from previous Octobers, 5 Freaky Faves is a spooky take on 5 Fandom Friday, which has been retired for the most part by the original creators, but I still love making these lists so I am carrying on the spirit with my own version of 5FF. Now let’s get to the five horror Webtoons that will keep you up at night!

Everything is Fine

photo by Webtoon

Everything is fine in this Webtoon Original by Mike Birchall. Meet Sam and Maggie, just a normal couple living in a normal neighborhood with their normal dog and their normal neighbors where everything is… normal. Or so it seems. This suburb has some strange things happening… but our characters continue to say that “Everything is Fine.” Behind the cute art style and animal head characters, something unnerving lurks in the panels of this Webtoon. Maggie isn’t just the loving housewife, and begins to look into things that she probably shouldn’t. I have a funny feeling that everything is NOT fine…

Ghost Teller

photo by Webtoon

Horror anthologies are my favorite anthologies, and Ghost Teller easily met my expectations with ghost stories that will have you on the edge of your seat. These ghost stories are told as if they are by campfire but instead of campers scaring each other, it’s the ghosts themselves telling the stories. Sometimes we get an origin story and other times we get an anecdote. The origin stories are by far my favorite as well as the most prevalent especially season 2. That’s right; there’s two seasons of this one, AND it’s completed! As an added bonus, if you loved Ghost Theater, this is set in the same universe. These binge-worthy scary stories are perfect to read as you tuck yourself in for the night, but it might be a good idea to leave a light on or have a funny video on standby before you go to sleep.

Tales of the Unusual

photo by Webtoon

Another anthology of incredibly creepy stories that are very much like Tales of Greed which I mentioned in my last post about Thriller Webtoons. We love stories with a twist, and Tales of the Unusual serves them up every time in seriously unexpected ways. If you don’t read any of the other stories in Tales of the Unusual, I implore you to at least read “Beauty Water” which is as scary as it is disturbing. It has inspired a movie of the same name (which I haven’t watched to be honest but that still says how much “Beauty Water” stood out.

Melvina’s Therapy

photo by Webtoon

Melvina’s Therapy is not anything like seeing your therapist in real life. Melvina’s style of therapy uncovers the deepest and darkest memories hidden from yourself… but Melvina seems more concerned with getting you worse instead of better. With a grim art style and psychological horror aspects woven through this conventional horror comic, the creator R.Asen keeps readers guessing until the very end of a patient’s stay with Melvina. R.Asen is an expert in hidden symbols and Easter eggs which they explain in future episodes, but you can always take a look at the top comments if you want to see what juicy details you may have missed in your rush to finish this delectable horror treat.


photo by Webtoon

If you liked Melvina’s Therapy, it’s time to buy a ticket to GremoryLandGremoryLand proves to be more than just a horror theme park as six high school friends are brought together to explore it for the first time ever. The friends are tested beyond their wildest nightmares with oddly personal fears and unique horrors. Personal truths and devious lies are brought to light that everyone thought were better off buried while the friends make their way through the mysterious park… But there’s not much time to dwell on the past as they must make it through the park to the exit if they want to live through the night. A.Rasen brings their A-game to this Melvina’s Therapy follow-up. But not to worry; both comics can be enjoyed independently, but why would you rob yourself of dining on another of A.Rasen’s creations?

What horror Webtoons keep YOU up at night? Let me know in the comments below!

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