Spoilers! A Life Update: Mental Health, Pups, (secret) Future Blog Plans

Hello readers and fellow bloggers,

I had a different post that was slotted for today, but unfortunately, I don’t have the spoons to write it. Rather than post something half-assed, I decided I could do a little life update. I used to do these monthly for my patrons when I had a Patreon so I thought it would be fun to revisit this format for the blog! Maybe I’ll do these more often… We’ll see haha.

photo by A Geeky Gal // seen on @ageekygal on Instagram

Mental Health: I have been pretty transparent with you all about how my mental health has been going downhill. I regretfully have to say it hasn’t gotten much better, but I am trying to find new ways to try to make myself feel better that aren’t unhealthy. Therapy is coming through for me weekly like I said in my last Spoilers! post when I came back from a break not long ago. I stopped journaling not long after that post, but I have recently picked it back up after finding some goodnotes pages that made it super easy to use my iPad to journal again. I still haven’t gotten back into working out regularly but I ‘m in a stage when I feel like I am just trying to survive the day. When I do have energy, I don’t want to use it on working out; I’d rather clean the house or play a game.

Once I get to a better place mentally, I plan on slowly re-integrating exercise in the form of Just Dance (I recently made a K-Pop playlist that has been really fun), RingFit, and lifting in my basement gym. Before I can get back to lifting though, I need to re-arrange things in the basement. We discovered a leak in our basement and while we partially solved the issue, my partner and I ultimately decided to move my gym to the other side and the energy is just… off. I know that sounds silly, but I can’t think of a better way to explain it. I go down to work out and I feel claustrophobic and like it’s hard to be free with my movements. So I need to do some organizing and make my gym feel more integrated back into our home like it was before the basement leak. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them! My gym is fairly compact and can easily be moved around and the basement is unfinished currently if that helps with any advice you might be able to give!

New Hobbies: Besides picking back up journaling, I’ve decided to get back to digital art as a form of self care. For my job, I primarily 3D model or create things in Photoshop and Illustrator, but it has been many years since I’ve drawn art with paper and pencil and could use my imagination. I had bought an iPad mostly to get back to art, and I am embarrassed to say that I hardly used it. After discovering some lovely short tutorials on YouTube from Art with Flo, I’ve started to feel a little more comfortable with my digital art, even though it’s not very good. BUT I am okay with that. I am really rusty, and it will take time.

This one isn’t necessarily new, but I restarted my Animal Crossing island. Like everyone else, I haven’t touched it in months and with the announcement of Brewster coming to the island, I wanted a fresh start. So I restarted the island with a new fruit and island layout. I started with Hazel and Mac so I was pretty pleased with that. We’re starting from the ground up and that feels really good right now.

New Blog Stuff: I mentioned a couple of my plans for the blog in that last Spoilers! post but I do have a couple of secrets that I will let you in on. I’ve had Gaming After Dark as a cornerstone of the blog and usually I do GAD post everything 3 months or so. I finally got back into spicy (read “adult” “mature” “sexy”) novels and manga so… I will be introducing Reading After Dark later this year! I already have two book reviews in the works so I am planning on doing a GAD post with a RAD post in between. A Very Geek X-Mas is making a return this year as well and I have a some pretty niche themes picked out that I hope you all will enjoy even if the items aren’t necessarily your cup of tea.

Pup Update for Padme and Odin: It’s been awhile since I have updated everyone on Padme’s condition. Padme has IMT but since moving over to a new vet, she has been weened off of the steroids and she gets her blood tested every 6 months now to just keep tabs on the IMT. She has finally returned to her bratty, adorable self. I get excited every time she wants to play since it’s been so long. And she’s been way more cuddly too so I am a very happy dog mom!

Odin, our blind doxle, is turning a year old next month, and I just cannot believe he’s been a part of our family for 9 months now. The puppy stage isn’t easy, but it’s been more than worth it. We took him to our new vet after we got him home and they tried some steroid eye drops to see if the scar tissue on his eye would clear up any. Unfortunately, it didn’t and we stopped the eye drops, but Odin has adapted and it’s hard to tell most days that he is blind. He can play fetch just like any other puppy. He does prefer toys that have strong food smells and loud noises still scare him but he’s gotten better on walks. When we first started walking him, he would try to run at every noise; now he only runs when there’s a loud truck which makes sense. They scare me sometimes too! But he’s happy and healthy so I’m happy!

Thank you for letting me ramble and update you all on my life! I would love to know how you are doing! Feel free to drop a comment or DM me if you don’t feel comfortable leaving a public comment. 🙂 Y’all really are the best so thank you again for supporting me by reading my little blog!


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