5 Actions Webtoons that Need an Anime

Webtoons are a big fave here on the blog. They kept me going through the pandemic and have become a part of my nightly routine. I even count them as a part of my weekly reading goal. I saw Annie over at Evening Tea Musings pose the question: what Webtoon stories would work well in anime? We’re seeing Webtoons get live action adaptations like Love Alarm (Netflix), Sweet Home (Netflix), True Beauty (Rakutan Viki), and others! So why not anime too?! Today I am sharing my top 5 action Webtoons that need their own anime. Netflix? Are you getting this?

Viral Hit

photo by Webtoon

I love an underdog story, and Viral Hit hits the spot just right – pun intended. Hobin Yoo finds his footing in this Webtoon when he begins building his NewTube (just like YouTube) channel off of fighting bullies. No one would believe that Hobin could fight off bullies, let alone trained fighters but that’s what made Hobin and his crew go viral. (So many puns; so sorry-not-sorry!) What’s Hobin’s secret? He discovered a mysterious NewTube channel that teaches an average high schooler how to fight and beat trained fighters. With his NewTube channel gaining monetary success, and Hobin’s opponents getting more difficult to defeat, we have to wonder how much longer will Hobin be able to lean on the mysterious NewTube channel…

The Boxer

photo by Webtoon

I am not usually a fan of sports anime, but something like The Boxer becoming an anime could change my mind fast. We’re introduced to Yuu early on in the comic as he is discovered by K, a boxing coach. K pushes Yuu into boxing after seeing his raw talent outside of the ring, but Yuu doesn’t really care about becoming the best boxer. Over and over again, Yuu knocks out his opponents, and we slowly get to know Yuu outside of the ring. But on the flip side, each chapter leading up to a fight with Yuu, we are given an incredible backstory on his opponent(s). We feel for Yuu, and we feel for those that step into the ring to oppose him. The Boxer has done something I’ve never seen before. You think you know who the main hero is but slowly as more and more opponents are introduced, we’re left wondering who is the real antagonist and who is the actual hero?

Weak Hero

photo by Webtoon

I told you I really enjoy seeing the underdog become top dog and Weak Hero has it right there in the name. High schools around the city are run by some bad, bad guys and they use their power to bully and torment those that are weaker than them. That is until Gray steps up to the plate. Another unsuspecting nerd that turns hero and shows that it’s not always what’s on the outside that can win a fight. With Gray’s new friends at his side, the tables are slowly turning, and the bullies in charge notice. Things are getting heated between the city gangs, the high school students, and someone powerful named Donald Na who seems to be pulling all the strings.

Jungle Juice

photo by Webtoon

Something’s in the water… err… the bug spray? Suchan, a popular kid at his high school, has a secret. Under his clothing is a pair of dragonfly wings that appeared after he used Jungle Juice. “Jungle Juice” is a mysterious bug spray that turns unsuspecting humans into human-insect hybrids after using it, but it is a well-kept secret, a secret that Suchan isn’t aware of until he has to use his wings to save a life. Once his secret is out to the public, Suchan’s life is turned upside down. With nothing left to lose, Suchan decides to wade into the unknown waters of the secret society of these human-insect hybrids called Nest who live by a different set of rules: predators and prey alike must fend for themselves. Jungle Juice follows Suchan’s dive into the Nest where he learns to harness the powers of the dragonfly and meets friends and foes with their own unique insect powers. It’d make for a damn good anime.


photo by Webtoon

Lookism has been featured a few times on the blog now. I really love this Webtoon even if it does has tons of backstory and lore that makes my head spin. I think an anime could do Lookism justice . The story has gone far, far past my initial review, and a small paragraph just can’t do it justice, but I will try! Daniel Park’s journey through high school in two vastly different bodies that are able to see two sides of the world is coupled with story arcs, deep back stories, and dark themes including gangs, fighting, drugs, and more. Like I mentioned in my review, Lookism deals with a lot of issues that may be triggering to some readers such as physical, verbal, and mental bullying, gambling, extortion, stalking, gang activity, rape, and attempted murder. There is also a lot of violence. If Lookism were to become an anime, I would imagine it would be stuck with a mature tag should the anime even come close to doing it justice.

What Webtoons do you think need an anime? Let me know in the comments below!

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