Organize Your Life with a Private Discord Server in 5 Steps!

Y’all. I stumbled across this TikTok that was like “make a private discord server to organize your life” and I had to do a double-triple take. How did I not think of this myself?! I don’t know about you, but my bookmarks, Etsy favorites, Pins, and lists get lost or disappear into the ether. As we speak, I am still looking for something I could have sworn I favorited on Etsy. And how many times has a pin been taken down and the link is lost to you forever? Too many if you ask me! Why is this post so high energy? I’m just excited to pass this on to someone who is as (sometimes) disorganized and as easily distracted as myself. I needed a space to collect all of these links, posts, and word dumps other than a million notes on my iPhone and Google Drive. The answer was this private Discord server brought to you by none other than TikTok.

**As a general warning, Discord is not a safe place to store sensitive or identifying information. Please do not put passwords, addresses, or any other sensitive information in your private Discord server. Use it for fun stuff and brain dumps only!**

Check out my TikTok video above for a quick glance at my private Discord server to see it in action! From here on, I am going to break down exactly how I made my own private Discord server, and how you can make one too. This guide is for those who are already familiar with Discord and have an account. If you don’t have a Discord account, I recommend starting here. But if you are already using Discord, let’s start with the basics:

  1. Create a Server
  2. What is the Server for?
  3. Create Categories & Channels
  4. Customize Your New Server
  5. Fill Channels with Content

1. Create a Server

In the bottom left corner of the Discord application, we have a plus sign + that says we can add a server by clicking it. Add the server and click “Create My Own.” Then click, “For me and my friends.” Now name your server! I named mine “Meg’s Place.” Get creative and pick a name that makes you feel good, but is also easy for you to spot. I also made the server photo something that stands out for me, so pick a photo of yourself or your pet or whatever floats your boat. Once you’ve created the server, you’ll see that you will start with a text channel called “general” and a voice channel called “General.” Feel free to rename or delete channels you don’t want. If this Discord is just for you, you may not need a voice channel. Just hover over the channel and click the gear icon to make changes.

2. What is the Server for?

Now is your chance to brainstorm. What categories and channels do you think would be nice to have? If you are blogger, you may want to create a category for each category on your blog so you can “brain dump” into these channels. For example, I have “Gaming After Dark” as a category on my blog so I made a channel for NSFW Games. If you are looking to organize your life in general, you may want to make channels for a health journey like fitness and nutrition or make channels for organizing your home and divide them by rooms then make channels for each room. For example, you might want to make an Office category. Its channels could include things like Office Furniture, Office Organizing Ideas, Office Inspo, etc. The sky really is the limit here so make as many channels as you want then organize everything by over-arching categories. See below for what I did with the categorizes and channels in my private Discord Server!

3. Create Categories & Channels Catered to You

The goal of these channels are to help keep your disorganized links and thoughts… well, organized. I kept the voice channel and named it something quirky and personal, renamed the general text channel to “General Bullshit” so if I needed to add a new channel for organization’s sake but didn’t have time in the moment, I could dump the link or thought there and organize later. Luckily I have been diligent with organizing so I haven’t needed to use it yet! Then I have several text categories organized by a broad theme with specific channels inside.

photo by A Geeky Gal

This category is, of course, where I keep things that are personal to me. I use the Fitness channel to link to products I want for my home gym, links to YouTube videos that I want to try or find helpful, and inspiration for basement home gym decor and finishes. I use the Budget channel for links to articles about budgeting, saving, and investing as well as links about products or sites or apps that help with budgeting, saving money, etc. I’m still learning about how I want to handle my money so this channel really comes in handy. I also feel like this is a good spot to reiterate that Discord is not safe for any sensitive information so please don’t use a channel like “Budget” for bill information, passwords to bill pay sites, etc.

The next three channels are for things I want to watch! First, I have Anime to Watch where I have a list at the top with emojis that will tell me if I have watched it, am currently watching it, or have not yet watched it. Below the list are links to blog posts and YouTube videos that mention anime that I want to watch so I can add them to the list! Next, I have K-Dramas which is set-up very similarly to Anime to Watch with the list and emoji’s as well as links to blog posts, sites, and YouTube videos. Lastly, I have Skillshare Classes. Now even though it says Skillshare in it’s channel name, but it is pretty much any video that I want to check out that isn’t inherently art-related. I have a whole section for art resources which we will get to soon! So what links typically go here? Self care, therapy, astrology, true crime, or pretty much anything I want to dig into when I want to fall down a rabbit hole! The purpose of this channel is to give myself the option to dig into these when I have the time and energy, rather than bookmarking it and forgetting or getting lost only partway down the rabbit hole and losing links so then I am left hanging.

Photo by A Geeky Gal

The shopping category is also pretty self explanatory, but I will break down its channels for you anyway! First, there is Car Stuff. Car Stuff is where I drop Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay links to car accessories that I usually see on TikTok. You wouldn’t look at me or my blog and think I care about cars, and you’d probably be right if you didn’t think about geeking out your car with amazing and fun accessories. Back in 2016, I made the decision to lease a car for a couple of years due to some unfortunate personal circumstances. Then I saw my friend’s cars: totally decked out in decals and accessories that were gaming and anime inspired. Now that I own my own car, I have been looking for ways to customize it that feel personal to me! Maybe once I get enough accessories and feel happy with it, I’ll do a little car tour with links in a blog post.

The rest of the channels aren’t nearly as exciting. There is Townhouse where I throw links to things for our new home like furniture, decor, and renovation ideas that I think are cool. There is Beauty where I toss in YouTube videos, blog posts, and website links to make up, hair, etc. Fashion is probably the second funnest channel here other than Car Stuff. Here is where I link back to clothing and accessories I want; it’s perfect for birthdays and Christmas when you’re someone like me who can never think of something on the spot. Now I have an entire channels full of links that I can browse when I have a bit of extra money to spend on my wardrobe. Last, but not least, is the Office channel where I link to office supplies, furniture, and decor inspiration. Currently, it’s mostly IKEA links for when we redo the office but I’m sure I’ll find more things to add before we give our office a much needed makeover.

Blog Shopping
Photo by A Geeky Gal

You might be wondering what is the difference between the Shopping category and the Blog Shopping category. Well the difference is that this shopping list is of things that might be featured on the blog! If I were more business savvy and actually ran my blog like a small business, I could probably use this to make a list of tax write offs for anything I reviewed for the blog. But I don’t do any of that; instead, it’s just ideas! First on the list of channels is Manga. Why is there no channel for NSFW Manga? I just didn’t think there would be all that many SFW manga so I decided it would be fun to lump them all together. These are mostly Amazon links but there are also blog posts and YouTube videos as well. Much like the Anime to Watch channel, the channels in this category have a list pinned to the top with emoji’s to categorize them.

Next is NSFW Books. I can already hear someone mumbling about how I don’t have any NSFW book reviews on the blog, and let me tell you a secret: they are coming! (No pun intended.) I also added a channel for just plain-ole SFW books because I am positive the NSFW Book channel is going to fill up fast. Then there is NSFW Games which is set up similarly to NSFW Books. Right now, I have a ton of purchased games that need to be played and reviewed so I am trying not to keep adding to this list but… you know how that goes. Then there is the Games channel which does the same song and dance as the previous channels. Lastly, I have the Streaming channel. This is where I post helpful links and products for streaming. When will I finally stream? Hopefully at some point this year.

Art Resources
Photo by A Geeky Gal

I am going to round out the last category mentioned in this post with Art Resources. As an artist, my bookmarks and notes are overflowing with tutorials, tools, apps, etc. Having a place to organize all of these has been so helpful! The first channel is just general resources. If it doesn’t fit in the other channels, it goes here! Next is 3D Environments which has links to helpful tools, tutorials, inspiration photos, YouTube and Skillshare videos and more that cater to creating 3D environments. Then I have 3D Characters as its own channel. Many of the items that get shared in here are similar to the 3D Environment channel. Lastly, there is a channel for Procreate Resources for literally everything Procreate. I’ve been trying to draw more since I made the leap to purchase an iPad for the purpose of using Procreate. I’ve been putting it off but now I have everything in one space that I can easily bring up on my phone or iPad if I want to doodle from an inspo photo or follow a tutorial. Since capturing these screenshots, I also added an additional channel called Art Shopping that is mostly Amazon links to items that help with digital drawing and creating; products include an ergo pen grip and an adjustable lap desk to make drawing on the iPad more comfortable.

Creating your own categories can go as far as your imagination or needs take you. I have some more categories and coordinating channels on my private Discord server, but you get the idea! Make as many as you want then condense down as needed (or don’t; we don’t shame maximalism around here). As long as the categories and channels help you stay organized and keep things you care about in an easily accessible space, that’s all that matters. Now let’s talk customization.

4. Customize Your Discord Server

I already mentioned at the very beginning of this post that you can upload a Discord server photo that will make it easy to spot in all of your other servers. Take some time to design one of your own or go through some personal photos and find something that makes you smile or laugh. I’m partial to my gamer heart logo that is featured here on the blog, so I made that my private Discord server photo. Next, you should definitely upload a profile picture if you haven’t already! If you aren’t a fan of showing your face in a public space like Discord, check out Picrew. You can create pretty much any kind of avatar you want. I made a custom one for my Discord and Steam accounts. If you want something specific, search the Picrew hashtag on Instagram or Twitter to see what cool avatar generators people are using. You’ll be surprised at the amount of options. Just a heads up, the website is in Japanese, but it’s easy to use. Here’s one I did in 5 minutes!

Add Pics, Photos or Logos
Use Fun Fonts & Emojis

I’m sure you noticed from my screenshots that my texts are a bit on the fancy side. If you also want fancy font for your categories and channels, I used Cool Text Fonts. If that font generator isn’t quite your style, search Google for text or font generators. Adding any emoji to your new Discord server is also just as simple. I use Emojipedia which has pretty much every emoji. If you notice your favorite one missing, just do a Google search for copy and paste emojis! Most of them translate fairly well, but I did notice the channels have a harder time using emojis so keep an eye out for anything that doesn’t end up looking like your desired emoji. Here’s an example below of how I use emojis inside channels for pinned messages!

Bots & More

Here are some more ideas to customize your private Discord server:

  • FreeStuff Bot: will send you messages when a paid game is offered for free
  • Sesh Bot: will send you reminders for events, syncs with Google calendar and more
  • GameStats Bot: sets up a profile with your gaming aliases and stats
  • Integrate other sites like Twitch, YouTube, Steam, and more into Discord
  • Fancy text Generator
  • Create header or separator images for channels

5. Fill Your Channels with Content

Now I say “fill your channels with content,” but what I mean is “dust off those forgotten bookmarks, open those iPhone notes, and get ready to start organizing!” You want to make sure you have a solid foundation of organization in your new server. Start with pinned messages inside your channels that you can fill them out later. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want in your first pinned message. Just add “xxx” and save then pin the message. You can edit them later! It would also be a good idea at this point to gather up where you have previously stored links and brain dumps to begin organizing them in your new server.

I started with my bookmarks which were scattered into different folders that didn’t make much sense. Then I went to Amazon and copy/pasted from some of my lists there. I didn’t do them all, just the ones I knew I absolutely wanted to go on the server from now on like books and fitness-related items. Then I went through Etsy and did the same thing. Finally, I went to YouTube to my saved playlists and began copying the links over to their respective channels. Finally, I went through my notes on my iPhone and Google Drive and moved over everything that I wanted to see on my server.

After I had all of my current content organized, I started going through each pinned comment in each channel to figure out what I wanted that pinned message to tell me at a glance. That’s when I came up with the system that you can see above in the Use Fun Fonts & Emojis section using fancy text and emojis to split things up and make them easy to spot. You can also add in images for headers or separators. I didn’t feel like this was necessary for my server but it’s still an option for you if you want to split things up even more.

…and there you have it: your own private Discord server! Have you heard of this idea before? What categories and channels are you going to put in your new server? Let me know in the comments below!

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