My Favorite Sims 4 YouTubers

Awhile back, I did a “Current Favorite Things” post about my favorite Sims 4 customer content creators. I knew the next post had to be dedicated to some lovely Simmers I follow on YouTube. I discovered all of these creators during my time in self-isolation and they helped me feel less alone and kept me inspired. They really are amazing people so please subscribe to their YouTube channels and/or Twitch channels. Many of the Simmers mentioned regularly stream and some stream for charity often. Every one of them is worth supporting, so please check them out!

Devon Bumpkin

Aden (Devon Bumpkin on YouTube and Twitch) is at the top of the list because he has impacted me the most during the hardest times of self-isolating. He’s hilarious and so creative. I adore his builds and his story-telling which is unique and fresh. Not only is he mega-talented at creating, but he has a heart of gold (GooLLd! — if you know, you know). Aden regularly interacts in his YouTube comments and is a joy to “chat” with in his Twitch live streams. He also recently contributed to the latest Sims 4 expansion pack Cottage Living, and I was beyond excited for him. I am so glad that the Sims team saw this gem and asked him to create two amazing lots for Cottage Living. I had a lot of fun guessing which lots were his before he made his official announcement and showed off his incredible builds (and I guessed one correctly as soon as I saw the terrain paint!). Please show Aden some love by checking out his videos and live streams; you won’t regret joining his community!


Kayla AKA Lil Simsie was also an incredible help during self isolation for me. She uploads daily which I can’t thank her enough for. Daily uploads can be taxing for creators so I always admire those who create and upload daily. Kayla’s videos are so funny, especially her current nightmare legacy challenge that she uploads to YouTube. And while she won’t admit how great her builds are, I really enjoy all of her gallery uploads which often include base game homes and starter homes making them accessible to just about anyone. Kayla also regularly streams for charity and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for great charities like St. Jude’s. And also like Aden, Kayla has contributed to an expansion pack for the Sims 4: Snowy Escape! Talk about a talented builder AND a charitable Simmer. Please check out Kayla’s YouTube channel and tune in for her live streams to show her your support!


Now we have Jesse (Plumbella on YouTube and Twitch) who will 100% steal your heart. I love her sense of humor and the variety she has on her channel like her series called The Entire History of… where she dives into history and lore of, you guessed it, The Sims. She also does play-throughs of lesser played Sims games like The Sims Medieval and The Sims Castaway which is so enjoyable to watch her play. Jesse’s parents also join her sometimes, and the shenanigans between them all always have me rolling! We can all see where she gets her sense of humor from. I haven’t had the pleasure of catching Jesse live on Twitch but I do watch the VODs afterwards, and she’s just as fun live as she is on YouTube. Please show Jesse some love by checking out her YouTube channel and following her on Twitch!


If you love speed builds as much as I do, Aveline is your gal! Her incredibly cute and cozy builds are so satisfying to watch and always fill me with renewed inspiration. Aveline (Rosa) adds voice overs to her speed builds, and I absolutely love to hear her voice. She’s really soothing to listen to and so, so sweet. She uploads all of her builds to the gallery so if you see a build you can’t live without, it’s on the gallery! While gathering her links, I also discovered she has several channels dedicated to her other interests like her channel “I’m Rosa” where she chats about her love of books and fashion which I will absolutely have to check out now! Make sure you subscribe to Aveline and give her follow on Twitch!


I discovered Tonya (MsGryphi) when I watched Lil Simsie renovate one of her builds, and the amount of detail and story-telling in her build had me sold! I started watching her speed builds daily for inspiration, but I really enjoy hearing Tonya’s voice. Her videos are so calming and also usually less than 20 mins! I like shorter videos when I am binging them because they hold my attention longer. Her builds keep my attention anyway though because they are so unique. From tiny homes to A-Frames to Apartments, there is literally something for everyone. AND she uploads her builds to the gallery! Go check out her videos and find the one that’s perfect for you (or your sims)! While you’re there, please subscribe to her channel and follow her on Twitch!

Who are your favorite Sims 4 YouTubers? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Sims 4 YouTubers

  1. I used to build houses on the sims for fun when I was a teenager, but I used blueprints to build them. My favorite part of the sims was building houses as well as interior decorating. My houses were nowhere near as good as these YouTubers.

    Honestly, these YouTubers would make great architects IRL and should consider perusing a career in that. I think it’s amazing that they were able to monetize playing the sims while having fun doing that.

    I also recommend Curtis Paradis. His houses are something else! Definitely check out his sims builds too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mine aren’t as good either lol. But it’s still fun! I’ve also used blueprints before; it helps make the house a little more interesting when I’m low on ideas.

      I will check him out! Thank you for the recommendation! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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