How to Create a Cute Office Snack Cart

Back in March, I finally gave into the snack cart TikTok trend and got myself a utility-turned-snack cart. If you haven’t seen this snack cart trend yet, creators on TikTok are building snack carts, decorating them, then filling them with snacks ASMR style. You can check out my video below to take a look at my empty decorated snack cart!

So why a snack cart you may ask? Well other than just not being able to get enough of the video trend, I found myself stuck in my upstairs home office practically starving from skipping meals! I would get off of work in the afternoon, head downstairs to the kitchen, and inhale anything that I could eat immediately like chips, cookies, etc. That behavior has really wrecked my eating habits and self confidence so I was looking for ways I could give myself easy access to healthy foods and snacks when I can’t get away from my desk for a proper meal. Enter: my Sailor Moon Snack Cart.


Finally decorated my snack cart! Stickers by MindSpeaks (Etsy) and AGeekGirlsTees (website). #sailormoon #snackcart #animesticker #geekygal

♬ Sailor Moon – Theme – Coded Channel

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Build Your Snack Cart!

CAXXA 3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart

The cart itself can really be bought anywhere. Most folks go with this trusty IKEA utility cart or this cute cart from Target. I decided to go searching for a good deal so I hit up Amazon. You may not know that Amazon has a warehouse where they keep returned or slightly damaged products. If you’re ever curious about getting an item cheaper, just scroll down past the item description and click on the “New & Used” hyperlink. It’ll open options from Amazon Warehouse along with the item’s condition and it’s discounted price. I got my snack cart for just $28 – regularly $39.99. It was in good condition and had some wear on the inside. I was completely fine with that and was also happy to save a few dollars! Get it here!

Decorate It!

Stickers and Decals

Now there’s tons of ways to decorate your new snack cart. You can paint it, draw on it, or deck it out with stickers like I did. I decided to go with a Sailor Moon theme! Most of my stickers came from MindSpeaks on Etsy and a few of the larger decals came from A Geek Girl’s Tees. Both shops are on a break right now so here are some other shops to check our for all of your sticker and decal needs:

Organize It!

Bins and Baskets

I currently do not have any organizers for my snack cart but I could really used them! As you look for the right organizers for your cart, make sure to keep measurements in mind! Below this list, I included some accessories that may be needed for some of the hanging baskets. Here’s a few bins and baskets that I have been eyeballing:

Other Organizers

Still haven’t found the right organizers for your snacks and snack lifestyle? No worries! Here are some unconventional organizing accessories for your cart:

Now Fill Your Cart with Healthy-ish Snacks!

So the purpose of my snack cart was to keep healthy snacks nearby for easy and simple eating, especially when I find myself stuck in a two hour meeting during lunch time. I took to the internet (and TikTok) to find the best pre-packaged snacks to add to my snack cart. My focus was high protein but I also added some low calorie salty snacks as I tend to gravitate towards salty instead of sweet. Obviously, non-processed snacks would be best, but some people don’t always have access to fresh fruits or a mini fridge! So take some of these suggestions and try to pair them with some non-processed options like apples and oranges.

See the Sailor Moon Snack Cart in Action!

I hope you enjoyed this fun snack cart “tutorial!” Please let me know if you have any recommendations for snacks or carts! If you have any questions in the comments below! What kind of lists would you like to see next?

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9 thoughts on “How to Create a Cute Office Snack Cart

  1. Do you have a photo of your snack cart? I would like to see what yours looks like! 🙂 I get the skipping meals thing. I’m at work 10 hours (adding up the extra time I’m there) and don’t eat at all…. I’m on my feet 8 hours, running around. No time to eat. No time to sit down.

    When I was working from home I made sure to take breaks but I ate a lot of junk food. If I was working at home full time I would probably have a bad fridge in my office if I lived in a big house.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been looking into getting a mini fridge for the office for yogurts and fruit lol! Having things easily accessible is one of the ways I try to keep from eating too much junk food myself. 😅 The snack cart has been in my office for a couple of months now and it’s been great at keeping me satiated during the work day as long as I keep it stocked!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. At work I don’t have time to eat because I’m on my feet constantly, so I unintentionally intermittent fast for 10-12 hours. I carry around hard candies for when my blood sugar drops and started giving them out to staff as well. I’m not diabetic but I get really overheated, nauseated, and light-headed when my blood sugar is low.

        At home I have very little self-control. If junk food is in the house, then I will eat it. Although I don’t really binge on junk food, I will eat it every day until it’s gone and replace meals with junk food which is just as bad as eating the whole thing at once imo 😕

        Your cart looks awesome. I was able to watch the video from my laptop. It wasn’t working on my phone because I don’t use the TikTok app. I recognized some of the snacks and they look very gourmet! 😋

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a good idea! I have the same problem in that my kitchen is too far from me when I’m working, so I end up starving and binge-eating whatever I can find. I’m going to have to give this a try! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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