Guess Who’s Back? (mostly)

Hello again readers and fellow bloggers,

I am (mostly) back from my hiatus. I think this is the longest purposeful break I have had from my blog in recent years. While it was never something I wanted to do, it was very much needed. Most of the issues from my hiatus announcement post have been resolved or are at least more manageable now.

photo by A Geeky Gal

Big Projects for YT: I have successfully worked out not just one but TWO scripts for my 3D Artist YouTube series that I have been planning on doing for awhile now. The first of those will hopefully go up by next month. These types of videos take a lot out of me but I really am excited to work on these. I am also planning on wrapping up the Haunting Ground series soon. The last two episodes of Haunting Ground will be going up soon! I will still be doing some Sims 4 Speed builds or gameplay videos because those tend to be easier to edit and upload. Plus I really enjoy building. It’s just another way for me to be creative.

Big Projects for A Geeky Gal: I mentioned that over my hiatus that I would be planning out my 30 Day challenge for this year, and I have decided to postpone it. The yearly 30 day challenges are a staple for the blog, but they do require a lot of planning, planning that I do not have the spoons for this year. Not to worry; I will still plan on doing it next year. I was also able to do an outline for one of my big “think pieces.” I am getting some help from a trusted fellow blogger for research so this one is going to take more time than my other posts; I promise it’s worth the wait if you love horror games!

I have also sadly decided to close my Patreon. This was a very hard decision on my part, but I feel it is the right one for now. If I think there is interest in the future for a Patreon again, I’ll re-launch my Patreon page. For now though, I have taken my page down on the website and have hidden the Patreon pages on the blog as well. Several blog posts still have the Patreon link but going forward, it will no longer be linked at the bottom of blog posts. If you want to still support me in a Patreon-like way, I do have a Ko-fi that you can donate to should you feel inclined to do so.

Real Life Job Stuff: What I had thought would be temporary added duties may not be as temporary as I initially thought. Things have just not fallen into place yet, so I am still very busy. Work takes so much of my energy so I won’t be posting three times a week every week like I used to. I will post my regular Friday YouTube video and whatever posts make it that week will be posted on Monday or Wednesday. This will most likely last as long as I have these extra duties on my plate. The good news is that work is starting to get a little lighter and a bit easier so you may see more blog posts per week than I have anticipated here. Recent events at work have thrown me a curve ball so I am just going to do my best! I always tend to err on the side of less when it comes to things like this, that way there’s less disappointment for everyone.

Lifestyle: As I said in my hiatus post, I have been struggling with my lifestyle. Since my break, I completed the 12 week program I set out to finish and have wanted to start it over. This kind of program is built to be done over and over again while increasing your weights or reps. I decided to try to only focus on strength training 4 days a week with rest days on Wednesday and Saturday and a low impact cardio workout on Sunday (usually a walk with the dogs or Ring Fit). So far, I haven’t been able to stick to this routine so I am taking a step back to focus on other things like my mental health and nutrition. I haven’t lost much weight which has been primarily because of taking time off from the workouts due to not feeling well physically or mentally, but I am not going to give up. I just need to take things back to the basics: movement like yoga and trying new snacks and meals that not only taste good but are good for me.

Mental Health: I am still seeing my therapist regularly but we have switched from CBT to EMDR. I love CBT, so I was really nervous and anxious about switching to EMDR. My therapist and I came to the conclusion that CBT has taken me very far; I just need a different approach that will push me the rest of the way. I am feeling more comfortable with EMDR now, but it has been very taxing emotionally. It has been hard to focus on the blog during this time so the break couldn’t have come at a better time. A lot of past trauma has bubbled up and over, leaving me exhausted and looking for unhealthy ways to cope with the emotions. To avoid triggering anyone, I won’t go into anymore detail than that.

I have also picked back up on journaling. I used to write every day so I’ve been dipping my toes back into just writing what comes into my mind and also doing a few mental health/trauma prompts that I found on Pinterest of all places. They have helped me lean into my feelings and find some of the things I want to discuss in therapy or explore with EMDR.

Other: So this update doesn’t really fit into any of the categories from my last post so here’s a bit of “other” news. I created a TikTok! I have a lot of ideas but to prevent burn out while I continue to get everything above sorted, I won’t be posting on a consistent basis. What future content can you anticipate on my TikTok account? Well… Pretty much anything that I love that doesn’t fit into my niche blog including but not limited to: where I shop for midsize/plus size alternative clothing, mini clothing hauls, Outfit(s) of the Day/Week, and tons and tons of horror content. I do on occasion get to gush about my love of horror on the blog, but I feel like these short-format videos will be great with what I want to share. So far I have shared just a few videos that could make their way over to the blog at some point so maybe I’ll do a monthly TikTok round up with my recaps?! We shall see…

Thank you for understanding and continuing to support me. It means the world to me that everyone has stuck around and been so patient while I take much needed breaks this year.


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