Spoilers! Going on a (socially distanced) Vacation

The last time I went on a proper vacation was back when Alec and I went on our Disney honeymoon in 2019. We have been overdue for some time away, but with the pandemic still going on, we had to pick somewhere that wasn’t full of people and didn’t require getting on an airplane. So we booked a cabin out in Tennessee that has amazing views, nature trails, and plenty of things to do that will help us continue to be safe and socially distant. I can’t wait to recharge and enjoy nature with my partner and our pups.

With that being said, the blog and my social media accounts will be taking a break while I enjoy my vacation with my family. I hope all of you are taking some time to rest and recharge as well as we continue to navigate through current events! I’ll see you when I’m back on May 5th!

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