A Geeky Gal Monthly Recap: March 2021

Welcome to my March 2021 recap! I have done some very different posts for the blog in the month of March. I’m really excited to keep bringing fresh content this year, and finding my happy place in writing again. I don’t have much to talk about for March so with the first week already starting, let’s take a look at the month of March here on A Geeky Gal!


My Simple & Affordable YouTube Filming Setup

photo by A Geeky Gal [Up-close view of Meg’s PC case. It is see through with white lights inside that can be seen.]

I thought it was about time that I let my readers take a peek behind the curtain of the meggsngrits’ YouTube filming setup. I started with some simple basics to just get started with YouTube and streaming and have slowly added to it as time has gone by. I still have plans for more upgrades down the line, but I wanted to share some options for those of you who have been wanting to create your own setup for YouTube or Twitch. While I have yet to stream on Twitch in an official capacity, these have been tried and true for all of my recording needs. If you are looking for a budget-friendly filming setup, this is the setup for you!

The Best Sims 4 Custom Content Creators: Build/Buy Edition

screenshot from Eclectic Apartment for Digital Artist // Sims 4 Speed Build

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I did a “Current Favorite Things” post! I’m bringing it back to chat about my favorite Sims 4 customer content creators. I have been having so much fun playing The Sims 4 lately and have been dipping my toes into custom content more and more. I’m really excited to share these creators with you so be sure to show them some love by subscribing to their channels, joining their Patreon or donating to their Ko-Fi if you are able to, or following them on Twitter. Without creators like these lovely humans, The Sims 4 wouldn’t feel the same for me and many others.

My Favorite Amazon Purchases for Pups!

photo by A Geeky Gal [Odin laying in his white fluffy dog bed, peeking over the edge. Padme laying in her black fluffy dog bed with a plaid blanket, sitting up and alert as she looks into the camera.]

Back in January, my partner and I added a second dog to our family. It was quite the journey to finally get not only our application accepted, but to also be approved for the dog we applied for. Many families have been adopting during the pandemic, and I am so glad so many have found their forever homes! This terrific outcome from something so horrible came with a side effect: it was very, very difficult to find a puppy for adoption that was still available. After many emails, phone calls, and applications, I managed to not only get an accepted application but also approval for a dachshund beagle mix, otherwise known as a doxle. The only “catch” according to the rescue was that he had a disability: zero vision in his right eye and only half vision in his left. Alec and I weren’t deterred. Padme has had her own share of health issues, and we knew that we could handle the new puppy’s special circumstances. And so, we put down a deposit and drove two hours to a neighboring state to pick up our new family member!

Odin, named after the Greek god who himself is missing an eye, doesn’t let his lack of vision keep him from playing or getting into trouble haha! He is very smart and has caught onto his training quickly. Having a new puppy in the household has brought some challenges so I thought it would be a good time for me to share some purchases that have really helped us with Odin as well as our senior dog, Padme who had some health issues last year that really changed how our household functions. Below I will be giving my honest reviews on products I have purchased from Amazon for our two fur babies that have improved all of our lives.

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