8 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day: Powerful Females Tag (+ tags)

  1. I still haven’t watched Black Panther, and I really should 😭 I still haven’t watched Fruit Basket either…but seeing people mention them frequently in their videos or posts makes me think I should pick it up 🤔 Regardless, love reading your answers like always!

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  2. I was not surprised to see Asuna on here! Though I thought you wanted her as a Roommate!
    After the Mother Rosario Arc she seemed like a pretty good roommate to me!

    Sam Carter is such a good shout out as well! I actually did this post already myself and got tagged again… so I was working on a creative idea to do the tag.. while not doing the tag… and Sam Carter actually gave me an idea! So thank you!

    I forgot all about Hoshi, she was a great character! I never really was a huge fan of T’Pol because she so much felt like “what if Spock was a girl” with a romance tagged on.. but Hoshi always felt like her own thing! I do believe she is a woman people can indeed look up to!..

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Black Panther the movie, I think it would have worked better without Black Panther.. as in the super power/super hero elements of it. The world building and the whole army of badass women though was pretty cool!

    So some great picks there! Like I said I won’t exactly be doing this tag.. but I will be doing something with the tag as a second go around! But hey you gave me the idea for it and I may even borrow Sam Carter! Great picks and you are definitely a powerful female yourself! So grats on the nomination!

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    1. Haha! I pretty much mention Asuna whenever I can. I’m sure you have noticed. 😉

      Hoshi was definitely my favorite. T’Pol wasn’t too bad just not my fave, but I definitely know what you mean. I hate that the series ended so early. Apparently it didn’t do well with fans because they didn’t like how personal it was and the series showing character struggles and growth made them feel like they weren’t watching Star Trek or some garbage like that. 🙄

      I can’t wait to see your spin on the tag! Hope Sam Carter makes an appearance!

      Thank you so much as always Pinkie! ❤️

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