Saturday Suggestion – Webtoon: Cursed Princess Club

I just can’t get enough of Webtoons. They have consumed my nightly reading (and yes, they count towards my weekly reading goal)! While I love so many Webtoon comics, there are a select few that I fast pass every week. One of my weekly fast pass Webtoons is the Cursed Princess Club by Lambcat, a cute comic about Princess Gwendolyn who doesn’t quite fit the aesthetic of a typical princess.

Cursed Princess Club by LambCat

Brief intro: Our protagonist Gwen has a heart of gold and cooks the most delicious desserts and dishes in all of the land. She can’t charm woodland creatures to do her hair, and she can’t naturally sing like that of a Disney princess, but Gwen is still very happy as a princess of the Pastel Kingdom. With a supportive and loving family, Gwen doesn’t think twice about her appearance, because all princesses are beautiful, right? Her father, the king of the Pastel Kingdom announces her and her sisters’ potential engagements to the princes of the Plaid Kingdom and arranges for them to all meet. Things quickly spiral out of control after Gwen meets her future husband, Prince Frederick, who literally throws a fit about her looks to his brother. Poor Gwen overhears the conversation, and this sends her running from her castle and, unbeknownst to Gwen, into the arms of the members of the Cursed Princess Club.

“Meet Gwendolyn – living proof that princesses don’t always have it all. See, although she lives in a castle and her father is the King, Gwendolyn isn’t like a movie princess, or even a fairly-tale princess. She’s got a big heart, but isn’t particularly attractive and doesn’t have a Disney-quality singing voice. But one night, she accidentally stumbles upon the twisted world of the Cursed Princess Club, and her life will never be the same. Hexed and cast out, the ladies of the club are just the people Gwendolyn needs to show her that just because she doesn’t “fit the mold” does not mean she’s any less of a princess.” — Cursed Princess Club

Cursed Princess Club by LambCat

Review: My husband actually turned me onto this Webtoon, and I do believe it was one of my very first Webtoon comics that I subscribed to. I was really interested in the plot and seeing where the story would lead. When meeting Gwen for the first time as a reader, it was easy for me to see how much her appearance differs from her sisters, but the love and adoration Gwen gets from her family does not even slightly hint that her family sees her anything less than beautiful and kind. The longer you read Cursed Princess Club, the more you can see just how lovely Gwen is despite her outer appearance.

One of the very first things that stood out to me about Cursed Princess Club besides the plot was the beautiful music that accompanies every chapter. LambCat not only writes and illustrates their comic, but they also create the original music! I am not ashamed to say that I’ve downloaded several pieces myself because they are truly enjoyable to listen to. The art is also really cute, and I think the music complements it very well! But let’s talk about the Cursed Princess Club itself!

Gwen accidentally stumbles upon the club after running away from the castle. We meet a cast of unique princesses (and princes) each with their own incurable curse. A majority of the members have been cast out from their families and their kingdoms. Instead of spending time trying to find a cure to their curses or mope about their circumstances, the club strives to support one another and remind themselves that they are beautiful and worthy of happiness, no matter what anyone else thinks, which is basically a direct quote from the president of the club, Prez. Prez founded the club after she was exiled from her kingdom. She made it her mission to invite all of those with curses into her club and help them as best as she could. And even though Gwen told the club she wasn’t cursed, the group still welcomed her warmly and helped her begin working on self love and the confidence that Prince Frederick shattered.

Gwen meeting the Cursed Princess Club slowly helps her begin to heal and love herself. The series is currently ongoing at three seasons, but Gwen goes on to show so much growth in those three seasons, and the light that was always there in herself, begins to shine again. She might even be falling in love… And Prince Frederick will definitely be eating his words for ever calling her ugly once he begins to see that Gwen is so much more than her appearance.

I highly recommend adding Cursed Princess Club to your weekly Webtoon rotation. Seeing Gwen grow and heal is an amazing, tear-jerking experience that everyone needs to experience. Come for the cute art and bubbly music; stay for the adoring plot and strong female characters. You won’t regret it.

Bottom Line: The Cursed Princess Club is proof that princesses and self love come in all shapes, sizes, cursed, and not-cursed.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

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