Seriously Geeky Sundays: Technology

Heather at Just Geeking By has created wonderful and unique prompts for Sundays! There are a few other sites out there who post weekly prompts, but I have to say Heather’s are by far some of the most unique and imaginative that I’ve read. I’m really excited to make Seriously Geeky Sundays a staple here on the blog! See the prompts here!

I am playing catch up currently so these are past prompts that I wanted to participate in. This prompt is about technology. Heather said “June has seen a variety of topics and we’re ending on a futuristic note with today’s theme inspired by Alan Turing’s birthday (which was actually last week, not today as the theme page originally said, whoops). If you’re not familiar with Alan Turing I really recommend reading up about him especially as it’s PRIDE month.” Be sure to check out the rest of Heather’s post here.

What is the weirdest fictional technology item you’ve seen?

 As a fan of Doctor Who, I was surprised by the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. It was several functions that seem to always come in handy for the Doctor like picking locks, hacking computers, medical scans, creating a “sonic blast” to repel enemies, and more. So much function packed into this futuristic “screwdriver.” The Sonic Screwdriver also changed throughout the Doctor’s regenerations, sometimes gaining a new function that it didn’t have before, and its outer appearance also changed over time.

What is the most disastrous technological innovation?

I will look for any excuse to talk about Stargate on my blog, because it’s not often that I do. This question is perfect to talk about the disastrous Replicators from Stargate SG-1. The replicators started out as toys for an android which were eventually trained to protect the android and themselves thus they began to self-replicate. The Replicators are extremely intelligent. Through out the Stargate series, the Replicators wreak havoc across the universe, becoming basically impossible to defeat. If you haven’t watched Stargate SG-1 yet, here’s your sign to add it to your watch list.

Who is your favorite robot/droid?

Short Circuit (1986)

I might be showing my age here, but it doesn’t matter to me at all. When I was young in the late 90’s, my cousins and I loved to watch Short Circuit (1986). I still have a soft spot for Number 5 (or Johnny 5) to this day. While I love the sassy droids from Star Wars, Number 5 was curious and witty. He was easy to fall in love with and root for as he escaped from the clutches of his creators after gaining a human-like intelligence and personality. He did the funniest things in the movie like reprogramming the robots that were sent to capture him to acting like The Three Stooges. If Short Circuit does manage to get a reboot one day, I hope they keep Number 5’s jokes and personality from the original 1986 movie. It’s just a Sci-Fi Comedy classic.

What fictional futuristic item do you think will become real one day?

This is the question that really made me want to do this prompt. I have always wanted Star Trek‘s Holodeck. We are getting close to making the Holodeck a reality. We have virtual reality games that can be played with goggles and glasses. There are even training simulators that are taking advantage of virtual reality technology like flying airplanes and performing medical procedures. I think we are a lot closer to Holodeck technology than we think. Will I see it during my generation? I hope so, though I imagine that it will be a luxury item in my time.

What futuristic vehicle would you love to take for a ride?

Easiest answer I have ever had for a question: the Doctor’s TARDIS from Doctor Who. Is it considered a future ride even though the show takes place in modern day? I’m not entirely sure, but I’m counting it anyway. The TARDIS can be literally anything, even though it’s most recognizable as the blue police box. When it’s Chameleon circuit is working, I could literally disguise my TARDIS no matter where or when I am. Imagine being able to travel across universes and timelines (carefully of course).

If you could have any character/celebrity be the personality for a supercomputer, who would it be?

I had to have a long think on this one. Robin Williams is one of my favorite actors who passed away in 2014. I believe that I remember he has in his will that he wouldn’t like his likeness or appearance to be used in the next 25 years after his death. With this in mind, and to remain respectful to the late Robin Williams, when the 25 years pass, I would love to experience his voice and personality for a supercomputer. Being able to experience him again, even virtually, would be an amazing experience for me. May he rest in peace.

Please go check out Heather’s geeky Sunday prompts! You can see the introductory post here!

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3 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays: Technology

  1. Oh man, all the feels on that last one. Such a perfect answer a great way for him to live on. Of course, such an idea does bring to mind a lot of morality problems if we ever do get to that level of technology, and I think your answer to question two is a reminder of how problematic technology can be when it’s taken too far. I’d completely forgotten about the replicators and I think I’d blocked them out because they were truly horrifying to behold. Not many things get to me, but they did.

    And yeah, pretty sure the TARDIS counts as it’s futuristic tech 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean! If we are going to continue down this path of using celebrity and historical figures’ images, there definitely needs to be respect and rules. Idk what those rules should be or who would make those rules. I’d absolutely hate to go against anyone’s wishes, especially the departed, just to experience my favorite actor again in a technological advanced way.

      Stargate has really been on my mind lately, and the replicators were some of the scariest foes I think SG-1 ever had to face. And we didn’t quite close the chapter completely on them either. I wish there were more seasons. 😩 maybe one day.

      Thank you lol. ❤️ I know there’s people out there that would argue about that kind of thing. I’ve seen people arguing about the technology in Star Wars being considered from the past versus future, and I just felt like I needed to cover my butt. 😅 I can’t please everyone, but I do my best to slap a disclaimer on there when I’m unsure.


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