Saturday Suggestion: Top 5 Romance Webtoons

Since we’re still in February, today’s Saturday Suggestion is still counting towards the month of love even though Valentine’s day has passed. I thought the blog was due for some more Webtoon suggestions! This time, we’re diving into romance and drama to fit with this month’s theme. I picked five Webtoons that I am currently enjoying, and I hope you will give them a try and offer the creator your support by following their Webtoon and liking the chapters! Without further ado, let’s get to my current top five romance Webtoons!

Suitor Armor

Lady-in-waiting, Lucia believes getting through the royal wedding will be the toughest part of her new life. That is until she finds herself falling head over heels with Modeus, an up-and-coming knight to the king’s guard. With her newfound interest, she is quickly awakened to the mysteries of the kingdom when she learns Modeus is in fact an enchanted suit of armor without a soul. Could there be more to him than just shining armor? — WEBTOON

  • Fantasy
  • Fast Pass Enabled
  • Updates Every Friday

Your Smile is a Trap

Ex-idol trainee Kiyu has lived his whole life adored by everyone for his good looks. But he dreams of ordinary high school life, so when he puts on glasses to blend in with his peers, he finds that making friends is a lot harder when you don’t have your looks to fall back on. Not to mention he’s also socially awkward, his new seatmate has a permanent scowl on her face, and his fans have tracked him down at his new school. — WEBTOON

  • Romance
  • Fast Pass Enabled
  • Updates Every Monday

My Dear Cold-Blooded King

Born a humble peasant, Kihara Mei has lived simply day by day as a merchant in the capitol, and never assumed things would change. But, one fateful day would change the course of her life, when faced with a deadly challenge against dangerous royal assassins. Now, with the eyes of the dreaded Blood King upon her, her life of simplicity would now become a tangled web of secrecy, deceit, and desire.. — WEBTOON

  • Romance
  • Completed!

Midnight Poppy Land

After making a grisly discovery in the countryside, a small town book editor’s life gets entangled with a young Mafia lord and his intimidating bodyguard…even as every step she takes draws her deeper into the dangerous underworld of the city. — WEBTOON

  • Romance
  • Fast Pass Enabled
  • Updates Every Saturday

Kind of Love

A collection of short stories exploring the many kinds of love we experience in our lives — WEBTOON

  • Romance
  • Various Artists and Stories
  • Updates Every Saturday
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