Spoilers! 5 Long Distance Date Ideas

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about how Alec and I were in a long distance relationship here on the blog. I’ve dedicated an entire post on our immigration journey (soon to be continued), but the actual long distance part of our relationship is more of a foot note when it is addressed in my writing. Now obviously this was quite some time ago now since we married in October of 2017, but there’s still so many people in long distance relationships whether that’s another country, another state, or if it’s in the middle of a pandemic and you can’t self-isolate together. Alec and I were friends before we were in a serious relationship so we had a lot of late nights/early mornings spent together online. Using my experience from those years of being so far away from my best friend, I want to suggest my five favorite long distance date ideas that you can try no matter the situation you may find yourself in.

Tour the World Together Virtually

Alec and I used to get on Google Maps’ Street View to show each other around our hometowns. I was always more interested in his small town in Ireland because there mostly farmland where I was at the time. I highly recommend taking your significant other on a tour of where you live! Take them down roads you normally drive or walk, show them your favorite coffee shop, etc. It can be a way for you to feel closer to each other. If you don’t like the idea of touring a city virtually, there’s tons of other places with virtual tours like Disney World, famous museums, and there are even more locations if you use Google to find something you’d both love to see.

There’s tons of other things that be toured virtually especially since the pandemic made a lot of areas of life adjust themselves. For example, most houses for sale have 3D virtual tours available which can be fun if you like to dream about fancy houses or make fun of them! And even if the homes you’re looking at don’t have virtual tours available, you can find some really interesting houses to look at together on sites like Zillow which provide several pictures usually. Zillow has tons of unusual residences that you can tour together. Did you know there’s even virtual escape rooms? For my Potterheads, check out this Hogwarts Digital Escape Room! If HP isn’t really your vibe, hit up Google for other escape rooms to try out.

Couples Who Game Together…

I may have briefly mentioned somewhere on the blog that Alec and I actually met on IMVU. It’s still up and going if you and your partner want to make your own 3D avatars and create a private chatroom for the two of you. I hear Second Life is really similar, maybe even better! And I’ve actually already wrote a short list here on the blog for mostly local co-op two player video games which you can read here: Saturday Suggestion – Video Games for Lovers. I also suggest playing a sexy visual novel together like Katawa Shoujo (free) or Negligee (Steam) which can kick the heat up for a spicier game night…. But if you’re looking for more recent online co-op video games, I highly suggest these below. Definitely hit up Steam if you both have accounts and check out the co-op section to find a game that you’ll both love!

  • Cards Against Humanity (a favorite of ours)
  • Dead by Daylight
  • Phasmaphobia
  • Among Us (even better with friends or double dates)
  • Stardew Valley
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • The Borderlands series
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Raft
  • The Forest
  • Grounded

Games for “Non-Gamer” Couples

I know there are bound to be non-gamers who come across this list looking for something to spice up the regular video chats. Or maybe you don’t both own the same consoles or both have access to a PC. Don’t worry; I got you covered. If video games aren’t your thing (and hopefully you both have smart phones and internet access), I suggest these fun alternatives that are easy to make any video chat session more fun and bring you closer! Special thank you to BuoyantBun on reddit for putting some of this list together; I needed a bit of help to see what’s still around!

Peep this long distance fancy outfit test from 2015!

Dining & Streaming

A tried and true date idea, the dinner and a movie combo always came through for Alec and me. These days it’s a lot easier to watch shows and films together instead of video chatting via Skype and both hitting play at the same time. There’s Discord’s screenshare feature (which I have used with friends over and over again), Watch2gether which supports YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney and more, Streamparty, and Teleparty (formally Netflix Party), an internet browser extension for watching Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, and more. I’m sure if you dig more on Google, you can find even more ways to watch just about anything together.

Take the date up a notch by both eating the same meal. If you can both cook, choose a recipe together and make that meal for the evening/morning. Or make it super easy and order from a similar restaurant! Maybe you both love Chinese so you’d each order your favorite dish from your local Chinese restaurant. You could even dress up for the occasion whether that’s with a fancy dress code or you dress down for a pajama party for two. Maybe you can even wear matching outfits!

Self Care Nights for Two

I honestly wish Alec and I had thought to do this! For my birthday recently, I grabbed a bath bomb, put on a face mask, set up my iPad, lit a few candles, made a drink, and then settled in the tub for a relaxing self-care-time watching YouTube. This self care time could easily be translated into a long distance date for two. Set the scene with warm robes, soothing face masks, a drink of your preference, maybe even some chocolate and fruit (or another charcuterie board setup – the possibilities are endless), setting up phones or tablets to video chat, and finally relaxing in the bath “with” each other. If baths aren’t your thing, put on your coziest pajamas, a sheet mask, slippers, and video chat while watching a guilty pleasure TV show.You could even try some playing one of the games above to spice up this self care time with your significant other. (This is also sounds like a killer socially distanced friends’ night!)

Something that might seem a little bizarre, but is really another act of self care, is sleeping. How is this considered a date? Well, it probably isn’t unless you find intimacy in falling asleep together. Alec and I used to regularly fall asleep on Skype together which was so comforting for me. If different time zones make this near impossible, you can always take a cat nap together on video chat. Leading up to sleeping together, I highly recommend reading to each other. Alec used to read to me to help me sleep at night. He’d find short, heart-warming stories to read to me. You can read a chapter from a book that you’ve both decided to pick up, or head over to reddit’s r/writingprompts to find something short and sweet to read to one another. It’s another way to build intimacy while practicing that self care of getting rest for both of you.

What ideas could you add to this list? Don’t feel limited by making them romantic either; fun nights with friends during self isolation totally counts too. Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Spoilers! 5 Long Distance Date Ideas

  1. I hope you will have a great Valentines day! Long distance or not I hope you will have some great day!
    I will hang out with all my lamps and stare in each others eyes!
    Maybe some noodles with black bean sauce and Pokémon single player stuff 😀

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