A Geeky Gal’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Post Roundup

Over the years, I have written many a blog post on romance and love centered around my love of geeky things. While they weren’t always posted in the month of February, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to shine a light on these posts, especially if you’re looking for V-Day ideas, games to play, and more. I’ve split these posts into some interesting categories for you to easily find what you might want to check out: from anime, to games (even horror games), to personal stories from yours truly… I hope to hit all the check boxes for you during the month of love.

Sexy & Scary Games

Gaming After Dark: Negligee (18+) (2020)

Negligee is a sexy Yuri (female to female relationship) visual novel with female characters created by indie creator Dharker Studio. Your choices will affect the game and the eleven possible endings, giving this game the advantage of multiple playthroughs. This particular review is for the uncensored version of the game. Negligee does contain nudity, characters in different states of undress, and sexual language.

Saturday Suggestion – Game: Catherine Full Body (18+) (2019)

Catherine is by far one of the weirdest yet most addicting games I have ever played. I wanted it as soon as it came out simply because I’m all for choice-making games and puzzles that make you think. It’s definitely not for kids though as innocent as puzzles sound. I’m sure by now you know how much I love a good romance, but you know what spoils it? A love triangle. So… who will you choose? Katherine or Catherine?

A Geeky Gal, Saturday Suggestion – Game: Catherine (2014)

Gaming After Dark: Katawa Shoujo (18+) (2019)

Katawa Shoujo (translated to “Disability Girls”) is a free-to-download, bishoujo-style, dating sim visual novel by Four Leaf Studios. It is set in a fictional specialized high school that provides healthcare and education for disabled teens in modern Japan.

Saturday Suggestion – Game: Doki Doki Literature Club! (2018)

Trigger warning for suicide, self harm, and other disturbing content.

You’ve read the game tags. You’ve read the warnings. You’ve read the reviews. It’s on Steam for free. Now it’s your turn to experience the psychological horror that is Doki Doki Literature Club!

Don’t let the innocent logo, shades of pink, and the stereotypical looking visual novel ladies fool you. This game made me scream, and never have so many obscenities come out of my mouth while playing a Steam game before. Jump scares? Check! Nightmares? Check! Images burned into my eyeballs? Check! Music stuck in my head for days? Check! Check! Check! As always, buckle up for a spoiler free review!

Saturday Suggestion – Video Games for Lovers (2020)

I’ve designated this week to Valentine’s Day. On Monday, I shared my top 5 waifus from anime (mostly). Today, I want to share 5 video games for lovers, couples, and those of us just looking for some fun two-player options. I decided to focus mainly on games I’ve played with others that were fun, so there’s definitely tons of other games like shooters that aren’t mentioned on this list that would be fun to play with two people! Check out my picks below!

In Love with Anime

Saturday Suggestion – Top 5 Rom-Com Anime (2020)

February has got me feeling all the lovey-dovey feels! I wanted to share some of my favorite romance anime with you that also has a healthy dash of comedy. Every so often I like to try to do little round ups of my favorite anime. Last time I did this, it was four sweet and short-ish anime. This time I wanted to share my personal top five anime romantic comedies including some old favorites and new ones.

I’m also hoping to watch more romantic comedies in 2020 so please let me know what you think I should watch! I’ve added several of your recommendations from Twitter to my anime list if you’d like to check it out!

Building a Healthy Romance in Anime [OWLS Devotion Tour] (2020)


When I think about some of my favorite anime couples, there’s not many that come to mind that seem healthy or realistic. Usually we have the ‘love is complicated’ couples that fall head over heels for each other quickly but deal with a lot of miscommunication and drama. We have the ‘will they, won’t they?’ couples that sometimes take an entire season to confess that they like each other which has some viewers (me) ripping their hair out in frustration. We have the couples that present one side as heavily devoted while the other is unaware or aloof. Sometimes we have a combination of different types, but mostly I hardly ever see a healthy romance play out, because it just doesn’t make for entertaining episodes to keep audiences coming back.

This is not to say that there are never healthy romantic relationships represented in anime. In fact, today’s post in exactly about that! In honor of this month’s theme for March’s OWLS tour, Devotion, I wanted to take a dive into the short-and-sweet anime My Love Story!!‘s leading couple, Takeo and Yamato, and their devotion to each other in a budding and healthy romance by breaking down what makes a real life relationship healthy and how their relationship fits the criteria.

MCFT: My Waifus for Laifu (2020)


A recent webtoon comic called My Giant Nerd Boyfriend sparked the inspiration behind this post just in time for the upcoming holiday. That holiday is, of course, Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, I thought I’d share five my current top five waifu’s from anime (and maybe a video game…). The 5 women on this list are all strong with a heart of gold. I definitely have a type if you can’t tell.

Spoilers! Personal posts from Meg

Spoilers! I’m Engaged! (2017)


It’s only fitting that my first post for Spoilers! be my engagement story!

The Fiance (I’m so happy I can finally call him that!) and I have been friends for over ten years now. We met online via a 3D chat room (with avatars and the like). A mutual acquaintance introduced us, and we were quickly best friends after that. A boy from a small town in Ireland and a girl from a small town in Alabama of the USA.

It surprisingly didn’t take much to convince our parents to allow him to visit me Alabama for a few weeks. We packed as much as we could into his brief three week visit, and we both cried when he had to leave. As soon as his plane touched down back in Ireland, we started planning his next visit.

The Fiance (then best friend/boyfriend) had visited Alabama a total of three times. The first time was for three weeks; the second time was for two months, and the last time was for one month. The last time he visited, we had finally decided to give a long distance relationship a chance. I’m so glad we did.

Spoilers! Our Immigration Story So Far (2017)


We always knew that one of us would have to move across the ocean to be with the other. In order to do it legally and permanently, we would have to go through immigration which seemed scary at the time. There were many long discussions and late nights spent talking about which country we would live in and how we would accomplish this but, in the end, I landed a job here in St. Louis that would support both of us. So we started our journey through immigration for Alec to move to the US using a K1 Visa, better known as the Fiance Visa.

Spoilers! We had a wedding! (2018)

Alec and I got married October 21, 2017 in Forest Park of St. Louis, MO. We were accompanied by an officiant and two close friends who just happened to be amazing photographers. While we were thrilled to finally be on the same continent, in the same country, and in the same city, it lacked everything we had thought our wedding would be: a place filled with family, friends, amazing food, drinks, and good music.

And so we planned to have a wedding the following year in my small hometown in Alabama. It was no small feat when most of the planning started before Alec got his fiance visa, and I was having to plan everything all the way from STL. I couldn’t go places or see things with my own eyes. I had to rely heavily on my parents to scope things out for me. Alec and I had some criteria for what we wanted like we wanted to be close to my parents home in Eclectic, and we wanted something rustic but still romantic. It was tough, and our choices were very limited, but we pulled it off.

Date Ideas

5 Affordable Date Ideas for Geeks ♥ (2019)

Spoilers! Geeky Valentine’s Date Ideas (2017)

I’m always looking for low-key/inexpensive date ideas but never could find any that were actually geek-themed besides taking a trip to Orlando (looking at you Disney World and Wizarding World of HP). I decided I’d come up with my own date ideas that my boyfriend and I would enjoy! The only requirements were: Can it be within an hour of home? How can I make it geeky? Can it be cheap? Here’s the ideas I’ve gathered! Add yours in the comments below!

Yearly Bucket List for Couples (2017)

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you already know our fiance visa was approved, and Alec is going to be in the US on October 13, 2017! That’s THREE days away! To say I’m ready is an understatement. I can barely concentrate at work, barely sleep, and barely contain my excitement. We’ve been in a long distance relationship for several years, visiting when we can scrape up the money and get the time off from work, and hoping for the day we can close the distance. And that day is finally here!

We close the distance permanently this Friday! In celebration, we wanted to plan a list of things to do together (but let’s be honest, I’ve had these lists for ages, hoping to do them some day with him). I made this cute yearly list for 4 things to do per month as a couple. Some items are geared towards STL but feel free to insert your city’s zoo or museum! What do you guys think? Would you add anything else to our couples’ bucket list??

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