Spotify Playlist: K-Pop Love Songs

This month is all about L-O-V-E on A Geeky Gal, but y’all know I like to put my own spin things. I’ve got some romance posts planned like a round up of some of my own favorite V-Day posts, long distance date ideas, a Gaming After Dark comeback, and something with a little more… spice (if we’re not counting Gaming After Dark). And yes, that was a Tik Tok reference. Tik Tok is a recent pandemic obsession, but we’re moving on.

Since discovering K-Pop, I have been exploring new artists, because, let’s face it, K-Pop is more that just BTS and Blackpink. Don’t get me wrong; their songs always get me up and going – dancing, singing, and BTS and Blackpink have even gotten my partner into enjoying the Korean lyrics and pop beat! Since expanding my little K-Pop world, I have fallen head over heels for some of these songs on this new playlist that I created for the month of February.

So we’re kicking off the month of love with a Spotify playlist of some of my favorite K-Pop love songs. Last year I shared my K-Pop Work Out playlist during my month of K-Confessions. I’m combining that idea with my Ten Healing BTS Lyrics by pulling out some of the best lyrics from the songs on my playlist to really put you in that Valentine’s Day mood whether it’s with your partner or you are showing yourself some self love. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to grab the playlist for yourself!

Photo by Loe Moshkovska from Pexels

The me of yesterday, the me of today, the me of tomorrow

(I’m learning how to love myself)

With no exceptions, it’s all me

BTS – Answer: Love Myself (English Translation)

It became reality when it was just something
That happened in the movies before
It’s like overcoming the distance between us
And the countless strangers of the universe

Red Velvet – Something Kinda Crazy (English Translation)

You make me feel special
No matter how the world brings me down
Even when hurtful words stab me
I smile again ’cause you’re there

TWICE – Feel Special (English Translation)
Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

The usual moonlight that shines on us
I’m still lost in your orbit
I can do this all night long baby
Because wherever I am
Without you I’m just half

EXO – Love Me Right (English Translation)

Baby, hold me ’til I explode

Stop thinking, what’s so hard about this?

Kiss me like it’s a lie

As if I’m your last love

Blackpink – As If It’s Your Last (English Translation)

You’ve been runnin’ through my mind
Today, tomorrow and the day after
I wanna be with you, all day baby
You’ve been runnin’
It’s like a dream
Just like now, us two
Us two, us two, my baby
Thinking about you
You know I’m thinking about you

Henry & Soyou – Runnin’ (우리 둘) (English Translation)

I’m in love (with K-Pop)

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