A Very Geeky Christmas: What I Gifted in 2020

I thought it would be cool to do a round up of gifts that I gave for this past Christmas in a little blog post. I’ve never done something like this before! I also wanted to feature some of the small companies I purchased from to help get their names out in the world (because they honestly deserve it)! Plus, maybe it’ll give you some ideas for next year or for birthdays or for those times when you see something that you just have to share with someone. So let me break down some of my favorite items that I gifted during Christmas 2020 for you!

Photo by Honey Winks

Fandom Artwork

My friends are just as geeky as me so when I found these amazing prints, I knew I had found the perfect gifts. This beautiful minimalist Studio Ghibli Nausicaä print is by Mike Grice Design. I also grabbed this Studio Ghibli Spirited Away print in the same style. I was on a Studio Ghibli kick and found this beautiful Kodama Forest Spirit watercolor print by Honey Winks. While browsing their other works, I spotted this adorable Sailor Moon watercolor print (which I will be getting for myself ASAP!). Honey Winks was super fast with shipping too!

Self Care Box

Self Care Boxes seem to be a big trend lately so I decided to curate one for a friend after spotting a few things that were right up their alley. This funny and inappropriate mug by Cute But Rude started it all. I decided to forgo the tea or coffee and instead went for this Friends inspired tea towel by Uniquely Gifted US. And to top it all off, I also ordered this funny dog owner candle by Wax On Fire in the apple pie scent. I think you have a good idea of their (and my) sense of humor now!

Miscellaneous Finds

Now for some gifts that didn’t quite fit into any specific category. I got this awesome mug for my Dungeon Master; it took some time to arrive from Denmark Leather Co. but it was worth it. I also grabbed this super cute Disney World French Quarter Art Print from Brandelane for my husband. It’ll be a sweet reminder of where we spent our honeymoon.

What are some of your favorite gifts you gave this year? Tell me in the comments!

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