On YouTube: Haunting Ground // Daniella scares the literal pee out of me! Part 11

Hey y’all! Today I’m playing Haunting Ground PART 11! We were jump scared more than once and uncovered an instant death cut scene. Oh and we kind of found a hidden torture chamber, but you know, just ~*girl things*~… If you’d like to vote on YouTube videos, blog posts, & more you can support me on Patreon by becoming a member of the Geeky Gang. Check out patreon.com/ageekygal

Cottagecore Renovation for New Family // Sims 4 Speed Build

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2 thoughts on “On YouTube: Haunting Ground // Daniella scares the literal pee out of me! Part 11

  1. My heart always break a little when I hear Hewie yelp in pain when another of these creeps kicks him! I am happy they don’t cause major damage to him though! Very fun video! If I ever manage to become a VTuber .. I will definitely play some horror games as well!

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    1. Sometimes when he’s howling, it just means he’s looking for you, but the stalkers definitely take chances to kick him when he attacks them. I play on a rather easy setting so Hewie can’t perish. He can be knocked out during boss battles, but he gets back up once it’s over or if I give him something to replenish his HP. Harder difficulties mean if he goes down, he stays down. I just can’t play like that. It was really hard when playing Rule of Rose with Brown as well. I don’t like it when animals get hurt.

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