Seriously Geeky Santa: 3D Modeling and A Geeky Gal Convention?!

Heather at Just Geeking By has done it again! Along with Seriously Geeky Sundays, Heather has put together a lovely community event to play a seriously good blog version of Secret Santa. Each “Santa” gave their recipients 6 personal and unique questions to answer over on their blog. Today is the day that I get to share my answers with my Santa! I hope you all enjoy these questions as much as I enjoyed answering them! My Santa did an amazing job with these.

Photo by A Geeky Gal

What is the coolest 3D modeling project you have ever done and are the proudest of?

Y’all know I barely talk about my job on the blog other than to briefly mention what I do for a living. It’s not because I don’t think people would be interested, but rather because most of what I do is considered sensitive information. To answer this question though, and without revealing too much information, I will start by saying that I was working on a simulator in which there were vehicles and other things of that nature in said simulator. I was told that I could take the make and model of the vehicle they were asking to be modeled and add whatever I wanted to it… I get to actually be creative?! So I didn’t waste a second! I ran with it! I modeled a typical Toyota Rav4 but added a giant bumper grill to the front (like what you see on police SUVs in the US), a light bar across the top, and – the cherry on top – a hatch on the roof with a mounted machine gun. If I could share a picture of this beast, I would. You’ll just have to use your imagination I’m afraid.

I do hope to add a Toyota Prius to my portfolio at some point and give it the same treatment. When that happens, I’ll be sure to share it.

In your opinion, what is the best flavor of potato chips ever created?

I might get some hate for this, especially if there is such a thing as a potato chip connoisseur. The best chip flavor ever created in my opinion is… Golden Flake’s Sweet Heat. I cannot find them anywhere in Missouri for the life of me. Could I order them on amazon? I suppose, but I would just eat them all in the same day. Instead of spending a crap ton of money on amazon for these chips, I just grab about 10 bags or so each time we take a trip down south to Alabama. I think Golden Flake might be a southern company, but oh how I wish they were sold in the Midwest.

If you could only read from only one manga or comic series for a year, what would it be and why?

Hmm… this is an interesting question. I’ve been heavily into Webtoons lately which I think would fit into the comic series category fairly even though they are digital comics, but I think I would have to go with a comic series that is a bit more on the physical side for my answer. Last year, My partner gifted me a couple of Avatar: The Last Airbender comic compilations and a Legend of Korra comic compilation. The stories are fantastic, easy to digest, entertaining but also handle deeper, sometimes darker issues which is something I identify with. I would love to read the Airbender comic series for a year all on its own! I’d even re-read them if need be.

For some random reason and cool backstory that cannot be fit in the space of this question, Mark Hamill approaches you and wants you to give his new Yorkshire Terrier a Star Wars themed name. What would you choose?

I would choose the name ‘Jyn.’ Rogue One gave us Jyn Erso, a bad ass rebel. In case you haven’t seen the movie yet, have no fear, I won’t spoil anything. Why ‘Jyn’ for Mark Hamill’s new Yorkshire Terrier? It’s simple really: I love strong female characters. It’s one of the reasons why my little chihuahua’s name is Padme (as in Queen Padme Amidala). Our future puppy will get the same treatment. We have been thinking of straying from Star Wars though and going with the name of one of the Greek goddesses… More to come on that later.

A Geeky Gal has been officially sponsored by the world’s richest human. They want you to hold a convention centered around your brand after the coronapocalypse ends. What would the event be like?

Wow! Honestly, this is a bit hard to imagine! But let me do my best to answer this as if it were true without freaking out haha!

  • “How To” Cosplay Panels would include: Cosplay for Beginners, How to Cosplay on a Budget, How to Closet Cosplay (and More Cosplays that Require No Sewing!), How to Buy a Cosplay Online, First Time Cosplaying: What to Expect
  • Fan Panels would include: Gaming After Dark (18+), Body Diversity and Positivity in Anime, Inclusivity and Representation in Gaming, Mental Health in the Geek Community (which could be split into a few panels if I wanted to break it down to themes), How to Make Friends as an Adult (18+), K-Confessions (K-Pop focused panels, K-Drama, K-Fashion focused panels, etc.), The Problems with Anime (and How We Can Change Them), A Deep Dive into 2000’s Horror Games, Awful Fanfiction Readings, Awful Fanfiction Readings After Dark (18+)
  • Workshops like: How to Start a Geeky Blog, Hobby to Career: Starting an Online Business, Intro to 3D Modeling, How to Write Your First Fanfiction, Networking with Geeks, How to Create a D&D Campaign
  • Contests like: A Geeky Gal’s Game Jam (video games made in 24 hours), Lip Sync for You Life! Cosplay Edition, Food Wars: A Cosplay Cooking Competition (+ free lunch), Cosplay Contests (beginner, intermediate, advanced), Fan Art Contests (different contests depending upon medium), AMV (anime music videos) Contest
  • Gameshows that include: The Dating Game 18+ (where you would play the game as the character you are cosplaying as), Fan Service Drinking Game 21+ (“drink every time…”)
  • Themed Rooms for: Ouran Host Club (similar to a maid cafe), D&D campaigns, Manga & Comic Library, Chill After Dark 21+ (just a lounge with a bar for geeks that enjoy a drink)
  • The Artist Alley: specializing in small businesses only, areas to swap and trade (items only – no money exchanges), an art charity auction with proceeds going to a local charity

Write a poem of any length and in any style you want that expresses something positive that happened to you in 2020. There is always some light, even in the darkest of years!


This year has brought us
finally a house of our own.

Spending time with family
while working from home.

Living life through virtual worlds
with a new appreciation.

Looking forward to phone calls
for some human interaction.

A winter spent at home may
seem boring and lonely,

But we have each other
to keep company.

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