A Very Geeky Christmas: Planner Presents for Bullet Journalists

Last week I shared a gift list for pets & pet owners, and the week before I shared my personal wish list for 2020. This week I was inspired to put together a gift guide for those who love planners, journals, and bullet journals. I have a planner and a digital bullet journal myself so many of these gift ideas are things I can personally endorse or items I have favorited for myself. Hopefully you can find something here for the geeky planner or a geeky bujo owner on your list this year! Or for yourself; I won’t tell. 😉

**This post contains affiliate links; actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for ageekygal.com which never add to your cost if you choose to make a purchase, but make it possible for me to maintain this site.  ♥

Photo by Gypsophila Craig from Pexels


There’s printables for literally any kind of bullet journal/planner you can think of on Etsy. Happy Planners are some of the most popular, and I have a discbound planner myself that I really love. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I got one that was blank – meaning I’d have to come up with all of the pages. I immediately when to Etsy to see if I could find printables to put in my beginner planner that would give me a jumping off point. This Daily Health & Fitness insert was perfect! I also really love this D&D Weekly Planner insert as well, because I have been continuing to play D&D over Discord and Foundry since we began self-isolation. Look for printables that would fit your lifestyle and the hobbies you care about!


I am a sticker FIEND! Etsy has loads of amazing sticker creators but one of my favorites is Dreamy Day Studios who has super cute gaming stickers like The Sims, console controllers, and computer mice that are perfect to track gaming or plans for gaming. I also love these adorable vlogging stickers that are great for YouTubers’ calendars. They also have more simplistic style stickers for those that are less geeky like these mini black heart emoji stickers that are already in my cart.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is new for me, but Heather at Just Geeking By had some many lovely ones on her Etsy favorites that I couldn’t help myself and began my search on Etsy for more washi tapes. This Kawaii Gamer Girl washi tape is perfectly for a cutesy aesthetic. I am in love with this Tea Time Washi Tape as well; I think it’d be perfect for any of my daily morning plans or self care pages. And I can’t get enough of this Gamer Sushi Washi Tape! I primarily picked very feminine washi tapes for my list, but there’s tons of washi tapes for everyone if you have the time to dive into a few Etsy searches.

Paper Goods

I loveLOVElove memo pads, sticky notes, and notepads. Just ask my husband who had to pack up my desk before our move! I couldn’t leave out these adorable paper goods either once I saw these on Heather’s favorites: Gamer Girl Memo Pad Paper with several choices to choose from (many are currently sold out, but there’s a wait list!). If some of your favorite styles are sold out in the first link, check out this Gameboy Game Memo Pad and this Gamer Girl Stationary Set.

Digital Goods

Most people prefer a traditional bullet journal, but as an artist who primarily creates via computer, I decided to try my hand at a digital bujo using my iPad. I was a bit disappointed when I figured I couldn’t add stickers or washi tape to truly customize my digital bujo without creating them myself, but I was proved wrong! Etsy has tons of DIGITAL options too! Like these Digital Galaxy Washi Tapes. Or these Digital Paint Stroke Stickers. Or even these Cute Illustrated Digital Stickers. Etsy even has kits to get you started like this amazing Manifestation Stickers for Digital Planner – very witchy! If you are just getting started, I highly recommend grabbing a template like this Undated Celestial Digital Planner Template or this bestselling Undated Digital Planner & 250+ Stickers!

What are you getting your bujo enthusiasts this holiday season? Tell me in the comments!

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