A Very Geeky Christmas: Gifts Every Pet Owner Needs

Last week I shared my personal wish list for 2020, and this week I want to shine a light on our furry friends. As you may know, my dog Padme has been ill for most of this year and we take any opportunity we can to spoil her. Many of these gifts are things we have purchased for her or have put on her Christmas list. Let’s face it; Padme would only put treats and stuffed toys on her list if she could get away with it! But I want to expand your pet’s wish list this year to include some cool and helpful items for you and them.

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Luxurious Pet Bed

I know most people would never spend more than $50 on a pet bed, but I think if you care about aesthetics, it might be worth looking into handmade pet beds like this beautiful Balcony Vine Pet Bed. If you can’t bring yourself to drop $295 on a pet bed but still want something “pretty,” let me drop a link to this Handmade Dog Bed Basket, the largest size coming in at $170. An even more affordable stylish pet bed would be this Super Soft Fluffy Pet Bed from Etsy and its a dupe on Amazon.

Funny Pet Tags

Padme is overdue for a new tag now that we are in the new house. Rather than getting one at a big box pet store, I thought I’d turn to Etsy to see what caught my eye. The very first one that I favorited was this “You’re not my mum…” that made me giggle. I also like this cute tag that says “I’m lost. Somebody call my mama.” For my geeks, I also found “Not All Who Wander Are Lost But I Am” as well as “I Boldly Go Where Im Not Supposed To.”

Gear for Getting Around

Padme has had her fair share of health issue this year which prompted some of these purchases. Because of her condition, she could no longer exercise or jump onto furniture (which she shouldn’t be doing anyway with her little legs). I went to Amazon immediately to purchase this sofa ramp which Padme has not quite figured out yet. I also grabbed this pet stroller from Pet Gear which you can see in action in my Week in the Life video. I am also planning to purchase this set of wooden pet steps once we get our couch and bed frame (whenever that may be thanks to the ongoing pandemic).


I wanted to wrap this post up with some home goods I found on Etsy! I favorited several of these to purchase for friends who have pets like this Corgi Butt Coffee Cup! There is also this super cute Corgi Sushi Art on Premium Ceramic Mug. If you don’t have any coffee lovers who own pets on your list, you can’t go wrong with a personalized dog ornament like this one! Or how about a candle? This one that comes in a variety scents that says “Pet My Dog Or Get The Fuck Out” is already in my cart for a dear friend because I know they’d get a kick out of it.

What are you getting for your pets this holiday? Tell me in the comments!

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