Seriously Geeky Sundays: What makes you smile?

Heather at Just Geeking By has created wonderful and unique prompts for Sundays! There are a few other sites out there who post weekly prompts, but I have to say Heather’s are by far some of the most unique and imaginative that I’ve read. I’m really excited to make Seriously Geeky Sundays a staple here on the blog! See the prompts here!

I am playing catch up currently so these are past prompts that I wanted to participate in. This prompt is about what makes you smile. Heather said “There’s a lot happening in the world right now, a lot of horrible things, and it really doesn’t feel like there are a lot of things to smile about right now. It’s National Smile day today and there’s not going to be many people smiling today for many reasons. One of the most important things about the geek community is its ability to come together at times like these and show support for one another. Being a geek transcends boundaries, and that’s what I’m going to think about while I answer these questions.”

What TV shows do you love?

 Some current faves include: Dexter (rewatch), Van Helsing, and The Mandalorian. Some old-but-gold faves include: Law & Order: SVU, Bob’s Burgers, and Stargate (all of them). I like comedy and a healthy dose of drama in my TV shows. I would like to expand this to include some anime as well! Current anime faves: Fruits Basket (2019), Ouran High School Host Club, and Fairy Tail. Old-but-gold anime faves: Black ButlerSword Art Online, and InuYasha (though it’s quite a bit dated now). As you can see, I prefer romance and/or action anime, but I’m fine with that.

What are your favourite movie genres?

I love a good comedy, but horror and thrillers are my most favorite movie genres! I enjoy a good mystery or a paranormal movie as well. Some of my favorites are The Babadook, Hereditary, any of the movies from The Conjuring series, Lizzie Borden Took an Axe (brilliant, so brilliant that they turned it into a series on Netflix!), and The Surrogate (oldie but new to me),.

What do you like to read?

It’s been forever since I picked up a proper book but for our anniversary, my partner gifted me two books from Avatar: The Last Airbender series, The Rise of Kyoshi and The Shadow of Kyoshi. I have been reading the first book every night, and it has me hooked! However, you can usually find me reading Webtoons or physical comics like Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Fables.

What about games?

I’m a sucker for chill games like Animal Crossing (both New Horizons and New Leaf) and The Sims 4, but I also love RPGs like Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, Final Fantasy X and X-2, and the Kingdom Hearts series. My real love though lies with horror games if I’m being perfectly honest. Rule of Rose, Clock Tower 3, Haunting Ground, the Fatal Frame series, and more have been my not-so-secret passion for many years now.

What geeky thing made you smile this week?

I am in love with Aden over at Devon Bumpkin on YouTube and Twitch. I have been tuning into his streams whenever I can because he really is a relief from self isolating. I adore his personality. He’s an amazing Sims 4 builder and story teller, but plays The Sims and other variety games on his Twitch channel. Even if you’re not a fan of Sims content, check him out anyway.

What quote always makes you smile?

Okay so not a quote, but a meme. I hope it made someone else smile too!

Please go check out Heather’s geeky Sunday prompts! You can see the introductory post here! What are some thing that make you smile?

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