A Geeky Gal Monthly Recap: August, September & October 2020

Welcome to my August, September, and October 2020 recap! Due to personal reasons, I haven’t been posting as often as I normally do. Because I have been taking breaks and short hiatuses, I haven’t had much to round up! With three months’ worth of content now behind me, I have quite a bit to get to now. With the second week of November upon us, let’s take a look at the months of August, September, AND October here on A Geeky Gal!


Spoilers! News & Announcements (please read)

I just wanted to do a quick post (that turned into a bit of a novel – apologies!) about some important announcements and news that concerns the state of the blog, my YouTube channel and my social media accounts. I would greatly appreciate it if you would read until the end. So let’s jump right in.

Notable announcements: YouTube Channel Rebrand/Rename, A Name Change on Basically Everything, No More Repeated Award Tags, and A Blog Rebrand?

Top 10 Things Getting Me Through the Pandemic

I can’t believe it’s been over 6 months since I started working from home and self isolating. So much has happened in those six months like getting a big job promotion and my husband and I buying our first home, and yet I’m still only leaving the house for necessities and the very rare special occasion restaurant meal. My mental health has rode the waves (and roller-coasters), ebbed and flowed during the past six months.

Lately, my mental health has been pretty crap, and it makes sense as my entire every day routine was ripped away: we had a house guest for longer than planned, most of my means of escape were eventually packed away, the entire home buying process was stressful… I could go on, but I won’t. Let’s move on to the entire purpose of this post: things that have actually been getting me through the past 6 months of self isolation, working from home, and the daily stresses that come with the ongoing pandemic.

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Pink Suburban // Sims 4 Speed Build + Life Update

Haunting Ground // Hewie is best boy 😍 Part 7

Haunting Ground // Defeating Debilitas?!? Part 8

Meg & Friends Play Phasmaphobia // PATREON-VOTED HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

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  • Tiny Life Update
  • Life Update: Back in the Saddle (Sorta)
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  • News & Announcements (please read)
  • Early Access: Haunting Ground // Hewie is best boy 😍 Part 7
  • What’s in store for October 2020?
  • Special Halloween YouTube video! (poll)
  • Early Access: Haunting Ground // Defeating Debilitas?!?
  • Finding Me // Behind the Scenes
  • Life Update: Facebook Issues, Mental Health & More
  • Early Access: Meg & Friends Play Phasmaphobia // PATREON-VOTED HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

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